How to keep the family budget?

How to keep the family budget?

The question of how it is correct to keep the family budget is corner for many families. Problems do not arise if one spouse has to support another. In this case all decisions concerning money are made by the one who earns them. And the second person only carries out something like a role of the hired accountant. But how it is correct to make the family budget if in family both spouses work? Let's try to understand.

Models of maintaining family budget

In total there are 3 models of maintaining the family budget: independent, solidary and joint.

Independent model of the family budget

If the income of both spouses is approximately identical, each of the parties can dispose of money at discretion. When funds for the general needs are necessary, spouses or chip in together, or everything is paid by that person who has money at present. Some offenses can result if one party overpays all the time, and another underpays. An exit — to sit down at the negotiating table, to count expenses in a month and to divide them into 2. The same and with large purchases.

Solidary model of formation of the family budget

Spouses make the plan of the total and personal costs for month and cover with joint efforts this sum. As both parties will manage the family budget at once, nobody will be offended and all requirements will be considered.

Quite often happens so that one of spouses is promoted, for example. Its income at the same time increases. Not to depart from a solidary distribution model of the budget, the person begins to give more money to family cash desk. For example, if the husband earns twice more wife, then and he has to spend twice more money for family expenses.

Joint distribution model of the family budget

Most of the young spouses considering options how to keep account of the family budget, choose this model. It is in that to put the income of spouses in one purse from which everyone will take as necessary on payment of utilities, food, joint purchases, etc. It is necessary to notice what at similar approach of spare cash at one of spouses does not remain. All capital — joint. However, if you ask a question as it is correct to calculate the family budget, then plan at least 20-30% of family money for pocket expenses to each of spouses. All people have small personal needs, and after the beginning of joint life they do not disappear anywhere.

How it is possible to be mistaken by drawing up the family budget?

  1. Opinion that a talk about money — occupation trite and unworthy can result couple in bankruptcy or parting sooner or later;
  2. Ask a question of planning of the family budget at least for the month ahead. Thoughtless expenditure at the beginning of a month can lead to the fact that at the end there will be no means left even on a covering of necessary expenses — a rent, for example;
  3. If in family there is no treasurer, then all financial plans and useful thoughts of how it is correct to keep the family budget, can come to grief;
  4. In family only one person should not resolve issues of finance. If two earn, issues of money need to be discussed without fail. Even if one person earns many times more, than another.
  5. You should not hide the true amount of your salary from the second half. Sooner or later the truth will come up outside, and the confidence in family will be undermined.

Thus, the question of how to make the family budget, always rests against dialogue between two people who live under the same roof.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team