How to learn tax arrears – what taxes the person has to pay what will be if them not to pay?

How to learn tax arrears – what taxes the person has to pay what will be if them not to pay?

Even at regular submission of the declaration and payment of taxes there can be unforeseen circumstances which can become the cause of debts and other more serious problems. That not to allow it, it is useful to find out how to learn tax arrears without visit of the state organizations and at the same time will spend a little time.

What taxes need to be paid?

Many at least once heard a phrase: paid taxes and I sleep peacefully though actually very few people know what and when collecting from income needs to be paid, nevertheless, it concerns many citizens of the country. A basis of a system of taxation is the declaration. The available property, income and expenses and other important information is specified in this document. All this forms the basis for charge and payment of taxes. In our country the ordinary people pay the following collecting:

  • tax on income;
  • property tax;
  • land tax;
  • transport tax.

The sums of all tax contributions are estimated in each person independently. When there are debts on taxes - it is the payer's problems which can arise for various reasons, for example, the notice because of mail was not received or just payment was postponed for the last days. The penalty fee and as result increase in expenses will be in that case added.

What will be if not to pay taxes?

When throughout the reporting period of people received a lot of money, expensive gift, got the real estate or the vehicle, according to the legislation he is obliged to pay a certain part of the sum to the state. Ignorant people have a question that will be if not to pay taxes. According to the legislation when there is debt on payment of such duties, the following sanctions can be applied:

  1. Collecting the sum through court. Similar actions are possible if \debt exceeds $44. As a result it is possible to receive a penalty at the rate to 40% of the unpaid sum. Big debts can lead to imprisonment for up to three years.
  2. Ban on trip abroad. Having the debt to the state exceeding an equivalent of $147, to the debtor close departure out of borders of the country. Such problems can spoil for a long time mood because they not only will do much harm to business, but also will not give the chance to have a rest.
  3. Collecting at the expense of property. When after the judgment the payment of debts is not carried out, tax repeatedly appeals to court, demanding repayment of the unpaid sum due to sale of property or seizure of the money which are in the bank.

How to learn tax arrears online?

Worrying about the reputation, people look for opportunities to find information on a condition of the taxes and their payment. One of options use the Internet of resources is considered. The people having access to the computer are interested how to recognize a debt by taxes thus. For gaining access to the website do the following: the application is submitted to office of FTS where the key for login is given. In a private office it is possible:

  • to check tax arrears;
  • to learn the size of overpayments;
  • to fill out the declaration online;
  • to learn INN, having entered passport details.

How to learn tax arrears through Gosuslugi?

Some people for the solution of similar questions address the special websites which are designed for the help without personal visit to tax authorities. The debt on the website Gosuslug is determined by taxes as follows:

  1. Carry out registration.
  2. Come into the section Tax debt.
  3. After introduction of INN it is possible to obtain information on taxes, collecting and penalties.

How to learn taxes on the website of tax?

The public authority collecting the money determined by the legislation has the portal on which it is possible to find all information. After the appeal to tax authority the temporary password which acts on an extent of month will be issued. After registration on the website it is changed for constant. Debts in tax check after filling of a form, enter number INN, a surname and date of birth into it. The only lack of this option the delay in gaining access is considered. Activation of a private office happens three days later after entering of information into the questionnaire.

How to learn tax arrears on the website of bailiffs?

One more of available ways of obtaining information is this portal. To learn whether there is tax debt on any taxes or other payments and as to repay it, it is necessary to visit the website of bailiffs to enter certain information:

  • region;
  • surname;
  • name;
  • date of birth.

Before learning debt on different taxes, it is possible to look also at other debts, for example:

  • unpaid penalty of traffic police;
  • overdue credit or mortgage;
  • the statement of claim against you;
  • failure to follow other obligations.

How to learn tax arrears through Yandex.Money?

This portal added the opportunities online with check of debts on the state fees. The registered user can recognize the amount of the accrued taxes by number INN. The step-by-step instruction of check of payment of taxes and existence of debt looks as follows:

  1. Come into the online purse.
  2. At the left in the menu select the Fee item and press Taxes.
  3. Enter number INN, and later a couple of minutes the table with all necessary information will appear.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team