How to learn to save the family budget?

How to learn to save the family budget?

It is madly pleasant to spend money. But if you are limited in means because of not too big salary, then any shopping can cause in you only one feeling - fault that money was again are spent it is unknown on what. To shop within limited means, and at the same time not to endanger the budget of family, it is necessary to spend finance intelligently. Let's try to understand how to learn to save the family budget.

Estimate of expenses

First of all, it is necessary to create the estimate of expenses.

The essence of the family budget (as well as national economies in general) is that income has to exceed expenses. As a rule, the monthly sums of income at people seldom strongly differ today (if only the person is not the representative of a liberal profession where everything is unpredictable in the financial plan). Therefore it is necessary to count first of all all monetary receipts for the last month. Having this figure, paint expenses.

  1. Main item of expenditure. These are utility payments, food, payments for the credit, a tuition fee of the child and other expenses which cannot be delayed.
  2. Additional item of expenditure. It is purchase of clothes, household appliances, furniture, etc. If the economical family budget does not allow to include the whole purchase in the financial estimate, then it is possible to provide the sum which needs to be postponed for acquisition of a thing further.
  3. In a month can happen anything: to break in the apartment the crane, to be required the help of the electrician, to appear suddenly unexpectedly relatives, etc. If you ask the question how to save the family budget?, then too in advance provide force majeurs.
  4. Financial purpose. Economy of the family budget often assumes accumulation of funds for some purpose: on training of the child, on an old age, on rest, etc. Decide on the purpose and include a certain sum in the monthly estimate.
  5. Pocket expenses. Economy by economy, but all of us work not only for payment of utilities and I go. Entertainments and small pleasures have to take place in life too. It is necessary to leave 10-20% of the family budget for itself.

If you see that expenses on the estimate exceed income, let's look what it is possible to save on?

What it is possible to save on?

  1. Utility payments. First of all, install counters (include this point in plans for expenses for the next months). The budget of family, as well as economy of any enterprise, demands the attentive relation to resources. Paying utilities upon, but not for average tariffs, you very quickly learn to turn off the light, leaving the room, will repair cranes that did not drip, etc. Counters — a great way of economy of the family budget.
  2. How to cut down costs on food? Reduce number of campaigns behind food: be bought by products once for the week ahead; get products only according to the list; buy food in the markets — there cheaper; whenever possible, do not take in shops of children; buy food, being completely full once again not to pay attention to goods which there is a wish at present.
  3. Clothes/footwear. Let economy of the house budget be better that you buy one qualitative thing which will serve to you long time, than will buy every month cheap goods. The saying that we are not so rich to buy cheap things is still relevant.
  4. How to learn to save the family budget, having retained favourite addictions? In any way. If you throw off ballast in the form of tobacco or alcohol, then will see how many means will be released at once.

Before learning to save effectively the family budget, take for the rule at least at first to write down the expenses in a day. So you will see excess expenditure if they took place to be, and will be able to correct the financial plans for the next days of month.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team