How to make money from nothing?

How to make money from nothing?

The ability to make money is the true talent which is possessed by the few. But even among them only such people as, for example, well-known Ostap Bender can make money from nothing. Such people in the world of unit and it is worth listening to some of their thoughts.

How to make a lot of money?

To make a lot of money and literally of nothing, the revolutionary idea is necessary. For example, quite recently there was a tendency to sell air, but not idle time, and something valuable to buyers. Residents of Beijing, for example, willingly buy up plain clean air to have a rest from a smog. Perfectly buy also air from a wedding of prince William and Kate Middleton. Similar business and in Odessa prospers.

In a threshold of 2012 many in panic adjusted citizens very much were afraid of the predictions connected with the calendar of Indians of the Maya. At that time in certain circles the sets including everything necessary for survival during the apocalypse were very popular.

How to find a lot of money?

Also such easy earnings as blood donation or sperms are very popular today. Any person having good health, not smoking and not drinking can earn by donorship.

It is possible to find a lot of money in literal sense in a pocket of the spouse or spouse. The main thing is to marry correctly. But as millionaires and millionaires meet not everywhere, it is necessary to open on them the real hunting.

One more way to find money is to find a treasure. Treasures in the earth the huge set is hidden, however to find them extremely difficult. To increase success probability, it is necessary to study well the history of places where there will take place search, to buy the professional metal detector and to have a large number of time.

How to learn to make money?

The above methods, of course, belong to the category of risky. Such idea can both load with money, and to ruin. However there are people who earn let not really big, but nevertheless real money practically without any efforts.

Some resourceful businessmen offer busy persons the personal time. For example, stand instead of them in queues in various state institutions and other places where personal presence is required.

Other businessmen who mastered art to make money, sell themselves for advertizing. The most untwisted business such belongs to Brendon Chikotski who places advertizing on the bald head.

Good way to make money with pleasure – earnings on a hobby. Practically each person has certain talents, the main thing is to think up an original way to use them for increase in income. It is possible to conclude, for example, a bet, to sell the pictures or to play the guitar in crowded places.

Actually there is a lot of ways to earn from hobbies. In the presence of the good camera it is possible to learn to photograph professionally weddings, children's holidays and other celebrations. And it is even good that such photographer has not enough experience – it will allow to create the unusual, not hackneyed compositions.

For the person with certain actor's inclinations it will be interesting to try as the animator or the host. And if it seems difficult – it is always possible to act as walking advertizing of hotdog, to hold opinion polls, to distribute leaflets.

Practically always and everywhere the people who are not avoiding a hard work are demanded. Work as the courier, loader, general worker maybe will not load with money, but also to death will not allow to starve.

One of tempting ways to quickly make money – stock market game. It seems to the average citizen that it is very easy way, however really to earn, but not to spend all savings, knowledge is necessary. Advice to the beginning trader – to find the good mentor, to listen to the intuition and to spend no more than that sum which can be afforded.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team