How to open brewery?

Production of beer – one of the most profitable directions of business. In this niche both large productions, and small private breweries work. Promotion goes well, for the mediocre businessman quite worthy turn.

Directions of business

That who will decide to start business, but does not know how to open brewery, it is necessary to consider nuances.

In this segment of the market (brewing) there are two types of activity which will be prompted how to open the brewery from scratch:

  • micro brewery with the output from 50 to 500 l of daily development;
  • mini-brewery which volumes more are also from 500 to 15000 l of standard daily rate.

There is a division of business on performance:

  • beer for restaurants;
  • beer in production scales.


The technology of brewing is important not less, she will prompt how to open pass brewery:

  • brewing can be carried out on technology of a full cycle;
  • brewing is based on the shortened cycle.

The technology is chosen depending on production scale. It is possible to sign the contract with large restaurants or pubs. For economic development of business choose the shortened way. It is simpler to place small production, it requires the small area. Costs of the equipment are not so terrible too.

Purchase of the equipment – one of important stages in creation of business when the issue is resolved how to open private brewery. It is necessary to correlate scales of the production to equipment cost. Domestic technologies cost cheaper. It is possible to stake also on foreign, for example, many note simplicity and quality of the Czech equipment for brewing.

Shots are important for successful business. The brewery, small on production capacity, requires only several people, but it have to be experts or people who are able to work without supervisor. Behind it it is possible to address to job center.

Well and, at last, the most important point – raw materials. For good beer qualitative components are necessary:

  • water;
  • malt;
  • hop;
  • beer yeast.

Many try to create own small shops, but not at all it turns out as many do not know how it is possible to open brewery in the private house. Perhaps, matter in inability to predict or in the wrong investment actions. But expenses have to pay off. Beer will remain with us profitable business for a long time. Production of beer, unlike kvass, has no seasonal nature.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team