How to open shop of children's toys?

How to open shop of children's toys?

Children's toys are goods, demand for which does not change depending on a season. Fluctuations of demand do not affect this business at all, children of a toy want always, and the more — the better.

Today a situation such is that buyers prefer to visit those shops where everything can be bought in one place: toys, a kidswear, use objects for kids and also a school uniform, stationery, etc. Therefore many businessmen decide on opening of large shops of children's goods. The similar enterprises pay off within about 1 year, however for their basis it is necessary to collect very serious starting capital with six zero. If you decide to be limited only to sale of toys in the shop, then the initial sum will be significantly less — $70-100,000. And about $50,000 all the rest will leave on purchase of toys, and — on tenancy, finishing, the equipment, etc.

What to undertake for business opening?

As well as any other serious business, opening of shop of children's toys should be begun with a market research of the area. The analysis of the market which is carried out by professionals will give a full picture of that, competition level in this area what range of goods at the competing sales outlets, the price level, what goods it would be possible to offer still the consumer, etc. is how high. Write the business plan where describe the concept of the enterprise, prove expediency of opening of one more toy store in this area, count expenses and income, in trifles describe structure of the enterprise.

The room under toy store

Depending on that how large-scale enterprise you conceived, select also the floor space. It is good if there is a place not only for the trading floor and utility rooms, but also several dozen square meters for the organization of drugstore, children's cafe and also the room for mother and the child. Separate buildings on busy city streets perfectly will be suitable for this purpose. Also good option is to remove the pavilion in shopping center. It does not matter, if in the same place one more children's shop is located. Buyers love when there is a choice.

Children together with parents will come to shop of children's toys. Therefore it is expedient to buy multilevel racks for arrangement of goods. And higher to have the goods which will interest, first of all, mothers and fathers. And is lower — those toys which children will want to take. On a floor it is possible to place large goods — machines, balls, horses rocking chairs, etc. - with which children will be able to play immediately.

It is worth remembering that kids do not react to pastel tone in an interior therefore it is the best of all to decorate the trading floor brightly. Do not feel sorry for paints. The drawings on walls representing characters of animated films will be very much to the place too.


The report of marketing specialists prepared right at the beginning will help to orient in what toys the competing sales outlets have deficiency. It is the best of all to buy them from suppliers. Also you learn from the report on what types of toys there is greatest demand — they will also need to be got. During the work with suppliers, do not forget to check certificates of quality for all goods carefully. Harmful toys should not get on the shelve at all.


It will be required to you:

  • certificate on opening of SP or Ltd company;
  • permissions of the State fire supervision and SES;
  • permissions to conducting business from a regional justice;
  • permissions to the sign and KKM;
  • contract for garbage removal.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team