How to open tobacco shop from scratch?

How to open tobacco shop from scratch?

In spite of the fact that in the majority of the countries of the world active promotion about harm of smoking is conducted, tobacco business was and remains one of the most profitable. Its profitability in many respects is defined by the range and the location of a point. How to open tobacco shop from scratch – in this article.

What is necessary to open tobacco shop?

It is necessary to notice at once that this activity is not subject to licensing, so the SP or Ltd company will be to open enough. Besides, it is necessary to get the work permit from fire service and Sanepidemstantion, the organization for consumer protection. The choice of location of shop is the most defining. It is necessary to remember that it is impossible to open a point near schools and preschool institutions, but the place surely has to be to the checkpoints located near public transport stops or the subway, the markets, shopping centers and so forth.

Opening tobacco shop and making the business plan, it is necessary to study statistics on the most popular brands of cigarettes, running brands have to make the lion's share of the range. It is very important to find suppliers with minimum prices which could provide uninterrupted deliveries and had certificates on the products. From the equipment the cash register, the safe and a hyumidorny case for storage of cigars is required though usual packs with cigarettes do not demand any special storage conditions. Those who is interested whether it is favorable to open tobacco shop can answer that most often the first profit get only 6 months later a job when demand is rather studied and the range is expanded.

A certain part of expenses will leave on advertizing and repair of the room, production of the attractive sign. Success of trade in many respects depends on competence of the seller, his desire to satisfy inquiries of the client.

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