How to save money at small salary?

How to save money at small salary?

Statistics says that over 95% of the population are dissatisfied with the income. At such people the income quite often only slightly exceeds the main expenses. And business is not always concluded in small salary. The problem can be in inability to save also in expenses which could be avoided.

How to save money at small salary?

To save money at small salary, it is recommended to take such advice:

  1. Keep account of income and expenses. This council is the basic for those who look for how to save salary. Thus you will understand where means are spent and will begin to behave more responsibly. This council especially will work in case in family the control of the budget is exercised not by one person. For example, the wife will spend more accurately money if knows that she will need to write down all expenses in a notebook of expenses.

Never make purchase under the influence of momentary desire. All purchases have to be planned. However you should not refuse a thing which is not really necessary now, but on it there is a good price. For example, sale of winter footwear.

  1. Plan a diet for several days. The lion's share of money is spent for food. It is necessary to find out what costs much what products it is possible to refuse and what need to be replaced. At the same time it is worth caring for that food was balanced.
  2. Save on clothes. Among ways to save money the important place is taken by purchase of things on sales and bases. In many cities there are distribution centers on which it is possible to buy a serious thing at retail at reduced prices. The most expensive things in purchase is footwear and outerwear. Good option is accumulation of money for purchase of the called things in the cheap markets, even if this market is located in other city.

Many people buy second-hand clothes for children. In it there is a sense as children quickly grow and do not manage to wear out clothes. It is not recommended to buy second-hand footwear for children.

  1. Save on utility payments. Many people already understood that utility payments are much lower in private houses, than in apartments. However if there is no opportunity to move to the private house, it is possible to take advice how to save light:
  • it is necessary to watch that electricity did not burn where there is nobody;
  • put economical LED lamps (they have long service life and high profitability);
  • put lamps for local lighting (thus it will be possible to light only that site of the room which is necessary).

The main expenses in the private house make payments for heating of the house. For this reason it is recommended not to feel sorry for means and to put the economical electric boiler for heating. The spent money will pay off in the first year of operation of the device.

  1. Many families help out purchases by installments. Megamarkets quite often suggest to buy goods on the installment plan without overpayment. Such purchase will organize families, forcing to live economically in time to make payment for goods. However purchase has to be feasible and necessary. For example, purchase of more modern fridge will reduce costs on the electric power and will help to keep products better.

Deliberating how it is possible to save money, it is worth to remember about importance of increase in income and about need to please itself with purchases. Deduction of in a strict financial framework can lead to a depression. Therefore it is sometimes important to allow itself to eat well, go to the cinema, to have a good time, buy something pleasant, but not important.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team