How to save water?

How to save water?

The people living in conditions of lack of deficiency of water get used to spend this valuable resource almost thoughtlessly. However to attend to how to save water, follows all as the payment for it is a part of utility payments.

How to save house water?

The average family of 4 people spends more than 400 liters of water a day, in a year it is about 150 thousand liters. Economy of water in life allows to reduce considerably its expense, so – to lower a payment for this resource.

First of all it is possible to begin to use the devices mounted on the pipes for water economy helping to reduce consumption of this resource due to decrease in too strong pressure. According to standards the water pressure in the crane is calculated on expenditure of 12 liters a minute whereas for economic needs 6-9 liters there are enough.

Besides, on sale it is possible to meet special nozzles for water economy – aerators which install on mixers. These nozzles reduce a water consumption, but at the same time support high pressure.

Ways of economy of water in the apartment:

  • eliminate all leak of water – through the leaking cranes and a tank the considerable sums daily "flow away";
  • choosing between a shower and the bathroom, give preference to the first option;
  • block the crane during soaping in soul or toothbrushing that water did not flow aimlessly;
  • install a drain tank with two modes and if necessary use either full, or economical option of washout;
  • use washing and dishwashing cars – they spend water very thriftily, at incomplete loading include an additional regime of economy which is in these household appliances.

Ways of economy of water in the house with the pool, a lawn or a garden:

  • if the irrigation system is used, it is necessary to watch serviceability of timers and sprayers and also to pay attention to area of irrigation – it is not necessary to spend water for asphalt paths;
  • it is desirable to carry out watering of lawns and beds in the evening or at night – at this time day water is better absorbed, but does not evaporate, and the best way of watering – hoses with drop water supply;
  • if there is an opportunity, instead of a lawn it is possible to plant other plants, with the smaller needs for moisture;
  • it is desirable to mulch the soil under plants by means of sawdust, leaves, humus, bark, straw or hay – it helps both to hold moisture and to fight against weeds;
  • at independent washing of the car it is necessary to use a hose with the spray or to pour water in a bucket;
  • the pool in the yard should be covered – it will reduce evaporation of water and will keep its purity.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team