Part-time job

Part-time job

Part-time job is when the legislative bases for the conclusion accompanied with the main employment contract are provided to workers. At the employee the right to conclude the employment contract with one or along with several organizations is had. The employee can work part-time, without leaving a primary place of employment.

Concept of combining jobs

Combining jobs is when besides the main work, the person is an employee of other organization and works on the basis of execution of an employment agreement. In free time it for this purpose has all rights.

Service record

Many ask a question whether the service record at part-time job is required. When the worker chooses to himself additional earnings in other organization, the right about granting to the service record to the new management remains for the worker. If at the enterprise where the person settled, demand the labor document, then he without problems can address services of the lawyer.

The service record contains all information, concerning work of the person: employment, calculation from the enterprise, transfer to the new place. This document is very important at employment as with it the experience is considered.

Part-time job and compensation

In such work there is the indispensable condition: the worker has to carry out regularly the duties, but in the smaller number of the fulfilled hours, than are carried out at the main work. As for the rest, the part-time worker differs in nothing from other workers, and money for his work is charged, same as well as for work of other employees.

Payment charge to the part-time worker happens taking into account awards, coefficients, raises and standard surcharges. Mainly the part-time worker gets paid according to the number of the fulfilled hours.

Whether a holiday is put?

And how to be with a holiday at part-time job. If the worker works officially, then he has same rights, as well as for the colleagues working full time. It is about a holiday as according to the labor code it is obligatory and it has to be noted in the schedule made by the head. The head undertakes to grant to the part-time worker a leave at a rate of 31 days.

How it is correct to issue part-time job?

For registration the employment contract which practically has no differences from the usual employment contract is concluded. After the part-time worker is issued, in personnel department have to assign him the personnel number and also start the personal card of the employee in the established form.

It is also necessary to know that there are two types of the contract: termless and urgent.

  1. Drawing up the termless contract is necessary for an indefinite term, and its cancellation often, proceeds from the worker. If the head wants to terminate such contract, then he warns about it the employee in 14 days prior to cancellation.
  2. Drawing up the urgent contract is the share of a certain term. Most often is formed for up to five years.

The worker has a right to work at the same time at two enterprises.

Such work has indisputable advantages. With its help it is possible to acquire versatile knowledge and to receive invaluable communicative skills which in the future can be useful to find the only place of work – better than was before. Especially thanks to such way the worker has additional earnings that gives the chance to turn the plans into reality and to perform work more productive.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team