Personal qualities of the head

Personal qualities of the head

Success of the enterprise in no small measure depends on the one who is at the head of it. The qualified head will help to advance business due to the correct organization of labor of the subordinates.

to be difficult. The person having a senior position is obliged to combine various qualities of the professional and personal plan.

The qualities of the head leading to success

The main qualities of the head are subdivided into three groups:

  1. Professional qualities. This group includes the qualities characterizing the person as competent expert. These qualities are a basis which allows the person to carry out the leading activity. Enter into this group:
  • education, experience, competence, knowledge of the and adjacent fields of activity;
  • the accompanying skills: knowledge of foreign languages, ability to drive, possession of skills of work on the computer.

Generally, this group includes skills which are usually specified in the summary.

  1. Personal qualities of the head. This group includes qualities which each worker has to possess:
  • honesty;
  • responsibility;
  • psychological health;
  • steadiness, ability of to control;
  • responsiveness, goodwill to people around.
  • Besides also such personal qualities which not all, but which the head is obliged to possess have enter here:
  • optimistic view on life;
  • self-confidence;
  • skill to communicate and desire to communicate;
  • resistance to stress;
  • charisma;
  • interest in people;
  • organization;
  • commitment and ambition;
  • justice.
  1. Business qualities of the head. Here skills on the organizations of labor process, self-organization and administrative qualities of the head enter:
  • ability to plan the activity, knowledge of time-management;
  • aspiration to self-improvement;
  • critical perception and ability to reinterpret situations and surrounding reality;
  • erudition;
  • ability to train others;
  • openness to all new, ability to look for new forms and methods of work;
  • ability to work in team;
  • ability to support and light people the new idea;
  • ability to create working collective with the psychological atmosphere, favorable for work;
  • ability to operate people, desire to lead people, to together achieve goals;
  • ability to distribution of attention, deduction in the head of problems of different orientation;
  • logical and critical thinking;
  • initiative;
  • efficiency in the solution of the arising questions;
  • ability to allocate the paramount purposes and tasks;
  • desire to achieve success at any cost.

5 qualities of the ideal head

Qualities of the ideal head will differ depending on about what top management it is. For example, the head of the lowest link has to be the good organizer, and the top manager is obliged to be a strategist. Generally it is possible to mark out such main qualities of the excellent head:

  1. High moral principles. The head only then will be able fully to manage the command when is dear person. Non-compliance with moral standards, dishonesty, injustice, aggression will hinder to that members of working collective were respectful to the chief.
  2. Interest and attention in people. Sometimes people are ready to worry days, difficult for the enterprise, without leaving only because there treat them kindly.
  3. Psychological and physical health. Constant stresses and load demand good physical and mental shape.
  4. Self-confidence, high self-assessment.
  5. Optimism. The chief has to believe in success of business which he directs and to install this belief in hearts of subordinates.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team