Personnel management in the organization

Personnel management in the organization

Management of employees is a direct task of each head, and from that, how qualitatively he will perform the work, success of the company directly depends. Effective management of personnel in the organizations — very wide concept which includes all aspects of interaction of employees with the company. If to compare the organization to the ship, then the task of his captain not only in setting a right course to the vessel, but also to make so that the team understood its intentions and began to row strongly in the necessary direction. For this purpose everything, including younger command structure, need to set the tasks, to track their performance and to make whenever possible so that sailors continued to enjoy life and wanted to go from captains to the following flight. For performance of all these tasks the captain or the head need to develop own strategy of personnel management of the organization.

Principles and features

The principles and features of personnel management of each organization can differ, but the general nevertheless has to remain with them:

  • long term. As a rule, strategy is directed to a certain change of mental sets of employees, their motivation and also all personnel management system. And such reorganizations usually demand a long time;
  • direct link with the general strategy of the company. Improvement of personnel management in the organization cannot take place in a separation from the general values of any given company.

Management of personnel in the organization assumes use of the following basic principles:

  1. Humanity - the universally recognized norms of morals, morality and business ethics always have to be considered.
  2. Differentiation or the partition of a problem on smaller parts to solve everyone separately.
  3. Edinolichiye — decisions of rather administrative questions are made only by one person.
  4. Discipline. All instructions of the head have to be followed without fail.
  5. Feedback.
  6. Regulation or exact order governed, defining actions of any given employee.
  7. Subordination.
  8. Goal-setting. The head is obliged to see the purpose of the actions.

Indicator of efficiency of any given concept of personnel management of the organization which is chosen by the head is the ratio of expenses and the received results. The last, certainly, have to dominate substantially.

Models of management

Development of any given model of personnel management of the organization is a multi-stage process in which any factor does not remain unaddressed: neither global purposes of the organization, nor specifics of activity of the company, nor motivational profile of employees. Having developed a certain philosophy of personnel management of the organization, the working group develops also steps by means of which administrative issues will be resolved. They are several types:

  1. Administrative methods of innovation or methods of whip. They differ in the direct nature of impact on employees and is that any administrative act (toughening of discipline, for example) is subject to immediate execution.
  2. Economic and social and psychological methods or gingerbreads. Represent the indirect nature of impact on employees by a material reward or various non-material bonuses.

The technology of personnel management of the organization assumes existence of those and other methods. Alternation of whips and gingerbreads for each collective or the certain employee can be a miscellaneous. The strategy of personnel management of the organization is based on a competent ratio of that and others.

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