Styles of the management in management

Styles of the management in management

All people, as it is banal, different. And therefore, the unique style of the management in management cannot be. Each manager, proceeding from own features of character and a working situation in general, chooses any given way of the management of collective.

But to be the leader — not always means to order and force. The good head knows that guardianship, support, soft manual can render much bigger effect, than tough instructions.

Today theorists of management mark out a large amount of styles of the management. The management, the power and styles of management — too extensive subject that it was possible to consider it only under one corner. So, for example, D. McGregor divides heads into only 2 types: X and Y. The chief like X sees in the subordinated lazy idlers and therefore he takes under complete control their activity from beginning to end, without neglecting rigid stimulation. The chief like Y treats subordinates as partners and develops in collective positive motivation to joint work. Less generally K. Levin divided heads into types. Its classification is considered as the main today.

  1. Levin allocated management the following methods of the management:
  • authoritative;
  • liberal;
  • democratic.

Authoritative style of the management

Authoritative, it individual and directive management provides the fact that the management, the power and responsibility in department or the organization in general, are concentrated in some hands. The authoritative chief pays huge attention to obedience and an order among employees. In crisis situations when decisions have to be made accurately and quickly, the authoritative way of management is vital. The authoritative style of the management in management well works only at the competent head, otherwise, reveling in the power, the manager can just strangle employees strict disciplinary requirements and suppress any initiative.

Liberal management

The liberal style of the management in management, he popustitelsky or anarchical, assumes options when the manager releases a situation on drift and allows collective to work as it is convenient to it. In this way only the highly skilled collective, with big degree of independence can function. However, without leader intervention the group can lose control over a situation soon and break up.

Democratic style of the management in management

The democratic management differs in providing big freedom to subordinates. That is, the task is set for employees, and they solve as well as for what term they will execute it. This style of the management in management is considered very perspective today, however, the democratic method is effective for management of not all subordinates. Some employees feel well when at them nobody is necessary over soul, others at a large amount of freedom begin to be lazy and do that want. Also in group there is always at least one person who tries to mount upon a neck to the democratic head and all collective. That is, democratic management provides skillful management of department at which the management will not be turned into the farce.

As a rule, modern heads are not limited to only one type of management and apply different styles to manipulation with personnel, choosing any given style proceeding from the developed working situation. Such type of the management in management carries the name Adaptive or focused on reality, and it bears the greatest fruits in management of collective.

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