Types of business communication

Types of business communication

Having come to the world of business people and business, many understand that that style of communication which they use at home or with friends it not only does not approach, but also disturbs. Then there is a question of training in business communication, having seized such skills, it is possible to become as a result successful.

Together with ability of the person every time to think out all new technogenic features, we receive even more ways of interaction and communication therefore types of business communication become more and more various. So, on a way of statement of information the business communication is divided into two views: written and oral.

Written types of business communication

It is necessary to carry to written types of business communication practically all documents, namely: contracts and contracts, orders and orders, statements and explanatory notes, protocols and acts, provisions and instructions, reports and consignment notes and also many other office papers. To all this variety of important papers there are requirements too. All has to be written competently. It is necessary to adhere not only official style, but also accurate, clear statement of an essence. All documents have to look tidy surely, it will add points to their originator.

Forms and types of oral business communication

There are two types of oral business communication:

  1. Means the address of one person to others for the purpose of submission of information. A striking example of such communication are lectures and reports, welcome, information and also trade speeches (in other words, advertizing).
  2. The oral contact of two and more people with the purpose to achieve desirable result is the cornerstone of communication of this type.

Allocate the following forms of oral business communication:

  • business negotiations;
  • business conversation;
  • interview;
  • meeting.

The most popular of types of business communication are negotiations. Their advantage consists in a possibility of effective communication of participants of the parties. Interlocutors can ask questions and at once receive answers to them, discuss a topic of conversation and listen to opinion of several people for obtaining mutually beneficial result.

Also It should be noted public statements, reports and press conferences. It is one of irregular shapes of business communication. In this case only one person - the speaker who has to own well oratory has the leading role, have ability to give himself on large audience. Manners of such person have to correspond to audience, and the speech to be accurate and competent.

The basic which is the most often used by a type of business communication is the contact business conversation, that is dialogue of people live, whether it be communication of two heads of large enterprises or ordinary managers. Two well-mannered and competent people will be able always to agree.

Functions of business communication

All types of business communication have the general main functions:

  1. Communicative function of communication. Its role consists in exchange of information between interlocutors.
  2. Interactive function of communication. This function serves for the organization of interaction between interlocutors (exchange of actions).
  3. Perceptual function of communication. Means process of knowledge or perception of each other by interlocutors by means of communication and for the purpose of achievement of mutually beneficial result.

All these functions of business communication are so connected among themselves that practically do not meet separately. The role of each function depends on the objects set by interlocutors before any business conversation.

To make great progress in the business world, it is necessary to be focused in all its directions and to have the finger on the pulse. For this purpose will not prevent to seize all types of communication in the business world, to set the accurate objects for itself and to move safely to their achievement.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team