What qualities does the head have to have?

What qualities does the head have to have?

To be the leader – a difficult task. It not only heavy responsibility before own decisions, but also a trust problem from people around. Talent to lead people not everyone possesses. And not all are fated to get up ever owing to the character at a wheel of the company. But if such desire after all is available, and there is not enough experience, then the first that it is necessary to know it the main qualities of the head.

Main qualities of the head

There are such chiefs, it is enough to them to infect employees with own charisma and they with pleasure will serve them faithfully. But most often the main role is played after all by business and personal qualities of the head. As a rule, requirements to leaders in working collective always same. Therefore to understand them will not make special work.

For a start it is necessary to understand what is meant the term of "quality of the good head". According to psychology of management it is personal, specific and social features of the person which provide his success in a certain position. It is possible to reveal these qualities by means of the analysis of structure and activity of managers of a certain link and a rank. For many years testings of various categories of chiefs revealed a complete picture of what qualities the head has to have. Let's consider the main of them:

  1. Adequate self-assessment. It is one of the major qualities which consists in ability crucially to treat the actions, to see itself and the acts from outside and to control them. The ability is correct to estimate itself affects also assessment of employees to whom the adequate chief will impose adequate requirements which they can do. These concepts include also such qualities of the good head as self-criticism and self-discipline.
  2. Professional experience and knowledge. In any collective there is a leader who sets an example to people around. The head who is competent of that area has to play this role where he was lucky to be the chief. He has to understand questions which concern activity of his company perfectly. Here such important qualities of the head as ability to make decisions, considering opinion of experts, to reveal a problem and to solve it together with other tasks and also to quickly control work of employees belong.
  3. Patience and endurance. That leader who is not able to hide the emotions is bad. Loss of self-control in a difficult situation is the guaranteed end to the authority of the head. Any collective for successful management needs the vigorous, optimistic enthusiast who the one look we will set employees an example and to motivate them on activity improvement.
  4. Tactfulness and keenness. Any employee of collective, even if it is the modest cleaner, needs respect. The person needs be not to humiliated, and to give him belief in own forces. Besides many employees connect qualities of the ideal head with ability to empathize, be interested in health, children, to joke when it is demanded by a situation. Employees perceive such chief as the native person and in process of forces try not to upset him, and to do the work on conscience.
  5. Also important line of any leader. Each employee is obliged to carry out tasks which are demanded from him by the administration. Of course, if these tasks are feasible and adequate. Any manifestation of irresponsibility in collective can disorganize all work completely. And depends only on the head whether there will be in collective a discipline.
  6. Equal relation. For some reason forget that all people are equal many heads. But the collective does not forgive such mistakes. In any company do not do without favourites. But for collective about what the ancient saying says will be the best option: "Pass us more than all grieves both lordly anger and lordly love". In a word, it is necessary to treat all employees equally and validly. Not to incite against itself all collective.

Business qualities necessary for the head

The special category after personal is occupied by business qualities of the head. Directly depends on them as long and there will live how successfully the company. In this regard to the manager there are following requirements:

  • fast adaptation to quickly changing situation in the market and in life. In other words, readiness for constant dynamics
  • responsibility for the made decisions and lack of those on whom this decision to assign is possible. I.e. the head himself has to make important decisions and to carry out them
  • compliance between methods of management and the nature of collective. Not always the end justifies the means, and tasks need to be set for collective such which it will be able to execute. For this purpose it is necessary to develop a working rhythm which will be ideal both for collective, and the head
  • especially important qualities of the modern head are a constant development of and collective and also search of the best methods and forms of the organization of collective. Time does not stand still, and it means, as the company has to develop according to recent trends.

As you can see, heads have to have a huge amount of qualities. And they not always meet standards and standards. But the main indicator of successful work of any manager is a stability in development of the company and love from collective.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team