What to begin farm with?

What to begin farm with?

The agrarian sector will always remain attractive to those who want to gain stable income and are ready to work for this purpose properly. Very many people wishing to open the business are interested in such questions as with what to begin farm as far as whether it is difficult, profitable what guarantees the state, etc. gives to landowners.

What to begin the organization of farm with?

The agricultural industry is non-uniform therefore the choice of the sphere of specialization has to become the beginning of farm: whether there will be this crop production, poultry farming, livestock production, fish breeding or beekeeping.

  • Further it is necessary to think of material resources — from where to take funds for arrangement of own farm. There are several ways to receive the starting capital:
  • the subsidy from the state — can register at labor exchange and to receive a grant for opening of the business, it will be for this purpose necessary to develop and present to the commission the detailed business plan;
  • it is quite difficult to take the credit in bank if you have no savings and providing;
  • to find the investor — to suggest the person possessing the capital to invest in your enterprise.

Money by all means will be necessary for you on lease of land and rooms, purchase of saplings or an animal livestock, the machinery and equipment and also for salary to workers if you plan them to employ. But if you do not know from what to begin to be engaged in farm, then it makes sense to organize at first small business of family type and only when affairs go uphill, to think of expansion. To reduce risks, connect intellectual resources: analyze activity of other similar farms, study economic reports regarding the greatest demand of any given type of agricultural products, think over as you will realize fruits of the work.

After you resolved for yourself above and above the designated issues, it is necessary to submit documents for registration. It is carried out according to the Federal Law About Peasant Farm. Registration procedure is described in Article 5 of this document. According to it, the citizen wishing to organize a farm is obliged to pay the state fee, to submit the notarized application with a request for registration, to present the necessary package of documents to tax authorities, to get permission on the activity, to be registered in Funds and to receive the status of SP in the agricultural sphere.

How to start farm from scratch on the example of mini-poultry farm?

Visually to present process of opening of farm and to help to understand what to begin with, it is possible to address for example from the field of poultry farming. Business on chicken farming — one of the most perspective, chicken meat and eggs will always be in demand. Besides, it is possible to realize both an offal, and feathers, and even a dung as organic fertilizer. The approximate action plan for arrangement of mini-poultry farm can be such:

  • the choice the place for placement — is obligatory near a pasture and it is desirable a reservoir;
  • arrangement of the hen houses equipped with nests, feeding troughs, drinking bowls, equipped with the system of heating;
  • to buy a livestock — it is better for beginners to stop on one species of a bird, for example, hens, but further it will be possible to breed also ducks, geese, turkeys; for a start it is possible to be limited 800-1000 heads; it is possible to receive eggs from young layers and when efficiency to decrease, they can be let on slaughter;
  • to buy forages, medicines, the equipment — peroshchipalny cars, tapes for gathering eggs, tables for cutting of a bird, freezers;
  • to find ways of sale of finished goods.

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