Who created the iPhone?

Who created the iPhone?

About such thing legendary and incredibly popular nowadays as the iPhone, all heard, and many are happy owners of this gadget. However not everyone is familiar with its history. It is no wonder that users quite often have a question who created the iPhone. Usually only one widespread surname which is at all very famous occurs. But it appears, everything was far more interesting, and actually several people were inventors of "an apple miracle".

How do call the creator of the iPhone?

If to ask any person to tell the name and a surname of the creator of the iPhone, then he for certain will tell that it was Steve Jobs. Also it will be absolute the rights as this person was "brain" and the mastermind of the team working on the gadget and it possesses the majority of the innovative and revolutionary ideas. However the considerable intellectual contribution was made also by the vice president of the Apple company Jonathan Ive and her technical specialists. And the concept of new phone was offered by John Kasey who suggested to the management a thought of finding room into one device at the same time for both the media player, and phone, and some other functions. Therefore it is wrong to consider that answering a question who is a creator of the iPhone, it is necessary to call only a surname of Jobs. He also repeatedly emphasized that he could not achieve success without the united team of enthusiasts.

Main milestones of history of the well-known "apple miracle"

On the project offered by John Kasey the prototype of the iPhone which in fact represented an advanced Motorola with ON from Apple was created. The novelty was born in 2005 and at users was not of particular interest. It became clear that the concept needs to be changed cardinally, than and Jobs and associates were engaged. This time the team did not begin to resort to the help of partners and kept all the practices a strict secret, moreover, members of engineering group did not even contact among themselves not to disturb. In two years at another internal meeting Jobs held the unplanned presentation of the new device with the touch screen, innovative communication characteristics and connection to the Internet. After that even it became clear to the most inveterate sceptics that the present best-seller was born. Right after release in 2007 in the USA the first models of iPhones swept away from counters as hot pies, and literally in few months began to sell them in Europe, and then and worldwide. Also releases of all subsequent generations of the gadget were not less popular.

Where did create the iPhone?

Also the question from where the iPhone is is very interesting. If it was invented by Americans, then it is logical to assume that it was created in America. And partly this is true as in the USA, in the State of California, in the town of Kuperton there is a head technical and engineering and marketing center of the Apple company where work on development and improvement of a design of the gadget and develop strategies of its advance in the market. Also here test already produced models to understand where defects hide and as they can be moved away models of the next generation. But the material cover for iPhones from the very beginning began to be created far beyond the American limits – in the country known for the developed production infrastructure and cheap labor, that is in China. Here on the border with Hong Kong, in the Province of Guadong, in the city of Shenzhen there is a Foksonn plant where the first apple gadgets were created. And now the most part of iPhones also gathers on this enterprise.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team