Who such promoter and what he is engaged in?

Who such promoter and what he is engaged in?

Most actively a question who such promoter and what he is engaged in, begin to be set during a summer time of year. School students and students, being on vacation, actively look for work and will constantly come across the promoter's vacancies.

To understand what the profession the promoter is, it is necessary to understand at first what means its name. So, promnut from English it is translated as advance. As it was already possible to understand, promotion of goods or services means. That is, in other words, advertizing. And the promoter directly is engaged in the actual realization of this advertizing.

What is done by the promoter?

The main task of the promoter – to interest the potential buyer in the advanced product. Some think that the essence of this profession is just in handing brochures in hands by to the passing people, but this quite misleading opinion.

Belongs to duties of the promoter not only to hand advertizing to the person, but also to attract his interest. It is important to tell briefly advantages of a product, to answer questions (if those arise), to show a trial sample and, at last, to explain how to pass to outlet.

That the promotion was really effective, the promoter has to organize the real show with active demonstration of goods.

In this case it is necessary to avoid in every possible way persistence, and to entice the client the sincerity and enthusiasm. The promoter is obliged to show in every way that he likes goods – to share kind of the impressions, good about it, too. The speech of the worker has to be soft, but sure.

Promutera are engaged in the following: distribution of information on a product, goods presentation, drawing attention, organization of tastings.

How to settle the promoter?

As for job search then everything is simple. Many vacancies of this type can be found in the Internet and the newspaper.

More difficult stage is writing of the questionnaire. Specify in it real data about yourself. As for personal characteristics, it is necessary to specify those which are connected with successful skills of communication.

Having got on interviews, you keep surely and vigorously. It is important that the employer saw enthusiasm which is so important in the promoter's profession in the future worker.

Problems with a question how to become the promoter, should not arise as take almost all applicants in a season. It is more difficult to remain at this work as periodically there are checks. Therefore you should not use cunning and avoid performance of your direct duties if you value the position.

If the possibility of career development concerns, then it is worth stopping the choice on a vacancy of advertizing agency (and not directly the producer of products which wants to increase temporarily the volume of the sales) where over time you will be able to rise to the supervisor's position.


Most often, for most of people this job is temporary, so, it is impossible to avoid quite strong routine of shots. Before work for any firm look for comments on her on the Internet.

Work will be informal therefore not superfluous will be to arrange everything so that compensation was at the end of the day at least at first until you are convinced of reliability of the employer.

Pay work or pochasovo, or from development. Under development the number of the leaflets given in a day means. It is more preferable to stop the choice on a vacancy with hourly payment as it will be unknown what passability of your area in a day and whether you will be able to distribute the necessary number of leaflets.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team