11 games with children who will make their childhood unforgettable

11 games with children who will make their childhood unforgettable

Game is a major element of cognitive activity of the child. When adults take part in children's entertainments, they not just cheerfully spend time. Joint games strengthen family relations, maintain trusting relationship in family. Use any of the offered ideas for interesting leisure to carry away younger generation and to make their childhood really unforgettable!

We prepare together

Not each parent will venture to involve the child in cooking process. It will be followed, most likely, by grandiose cleaning of kitchen. But the child will precisely be delighted. Especially, if he was called to make favourite cookies, pizza or ice cream.

It is possible to come further and to involve the little culinary specialist in the choice of products in shop for future edible masterpiece. Besides, it will be interesting to children not just to knead dough or to spread out a stuffing, but also to decorate a ready dish by means of cream, chocolate shaving, confectionery topping.

Family picnic

Family picnic – a fine opportunity to spend time in nature all family. It is possible to arrange it in some new, novel place or to choose the park nearby, or even to be located in the yard of own house. The main thing that all the rest was really: a big basket with goodies, a cozy plaid, comfortable clothes. On a picnic it is possible to take the picture, to play outdoor games. Besides, it is easy to combine it with foot or bicycle walk.

Chemical experiments

Various explosions, eruptions and other evident chemical reactions which can be carried out in house conditions will make an indelible impression on children. On the Internet there is a set of recipes of production of volcanoes from soda, artificial snow, iridescent milk and other amusing things. As a rule, it is easy to find all necessary objects in each house or to buy in shop.

Night marathon

Having changed clothes in pajamas, do not send children to a bed, and arrange for them a night marathon of games. Depending on age of younger family members, choose entertainments in which all are capable to take part. It is also possible to add a passion note, having thought up interesting prizes for winners. For this purpose lovely knickknacks, sweets and even extra time perfectly will be suitable for watching TV or computer games.

Towards to fears

Sooner or later the fears need to look in eyes. Let at this moment close people will be near. Besides, courage of adults will surely serve as a positive example for children. Suggest the child to make together something that you or he were always afraid of. Become for each other support at this concerning moment: rise together by mountain top, sweep on an extreme attraction or sing together at a karaoke competition.

Day of art and crafts

Prepare houses a free table and arrange day of art for the child. You mold figures from the salty test, put figures from paper, decorate a framework for photos, spin beautiful bracelets. Create creations which can be carried, applied to a decor in the house or to use for other needs. So these objects will remind you of the happy moments of joint activity.

Family album

Create together an album of memoirs. It can consist of photos, receipts, tickets, cards, the dried flowers. The main thing that all these things belonged to some important and pleasant events connected with your family. Years later you will be able to thumb through together a self-made album and to return joyful minutes of the past.

The tourist in the city

Most of people got used to travel outside the places of residence. And movements in the habitual environment are usually limited to visit of shops and entertainment centers. Get rid of these stereotypes and suggest the child to become tourists in the hometown. You find in it places where you were not yet, study them, you share impressions. You will find out that behind interesting opening, sometimes, it is not obligatory to go at the other end of the world at all.

Magic tricks

Suggest the child to try the hand as the conjurer. Teach him to simple magic tricks: to bending of a spoon, disappearance of a coin or ability to primagnichivat objects. Rollers with detailed demonstration of the technology of performance of focuses can be found in the Internet. And if each family member learns some magic trick, it is possible to arrange house representation.

Show of talents

The show of talents is a cheerful entertainment for all family. Suggest each of members of household to make interesting number and to show the abilities. For example, children can sing, dance, tell verses, conjure, and adults to remember the forgotten abilities, like a rack on the head or rotations of a hulakhup.

Grass garden

The love for the nature and interest in a healthy lifestyle will help to impart to the child gardening on a windowsill. For this purpose it is not required to have giving or a personal plot. It is enough to plant in a small box or a flowerpot seeds of any grassy plants – parsley, a thyme, cilantro, a basil, a sage, fennel, mint. Let the child participate and helps at all stages, beginning from the choice of seeds and finishing with watering and regular leaving. When it in a plate has first own harvest, the young gardener will be really proud of the achievement.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team