11 week of pregnancy: description, stomach, ultrasonography, feelings

11 week of pregnancy: description, stomach, ultrasonography, feelings

On the 11th week of pregnancy its first trimester approaches end. By an obstetric method of calculation from conception passed only 9 weeks, however the kid already develops very actively, causing new and unusual feelings at mom.

Condition of future mom and her feeling

To approach of the 11th week of pregnancy the uterus gradually increases and fills practically all space between pelvic bones. To approach of childbirth she will grow up still almost by 10 times. Thus, the stomach is rounded not too strongly so far, but already slightly sticks out. At a right choice of clothes the surrounding people can not guess pregnancy existence even.

During this period the toxicosis begins to be weakened gradually. There passes morning nausea, the hostility to various products vanishes. The emotional state stabilizes, and differences of mood arise already not so often. Approximately in 2-3 weeks the toxicosis has to disappear completely.

From feelings already known before can be observed:

  • locks, heartburn;
  • hypersensibility of a breast;
  • pigmentation;
  • releases of colostrum from nipples;
  • frequent headaches;
  • carelessness and absent-mindedness.

On the 11th week of pregnancy there can be small hormonal splashes because of what future mom feels fear for loss of the child, happiness of understanding of motherhood and pride of it. To such feelings it is worth getting used and trying not to worry on trifles. Some women have a feeling of heat as if at temperature increase. It is explained by increase in volume of blood and acceleration of its current. Together with heat appear the increased thirst and perspiration that is quite normal.

During this period it is important to watch a condition of nails, hair and teeth. If with them something not as it should be, most likely, is not enough for an organism vitamins, and it is absolutely bad for future child. It is necessary to report about all disturbing signals immediately to the attending physician who will register a rate of special medicines.

Possible complications

Due to the increase in a uterus and increase in pressure upon bodies of an urinogenital system during pregnancy quite often there is an inflammation of uric ways – cystitis at which pains at urination are felt. Also long disorders of intestines are characteristic of this period. The address to the doctor in such cases is obligatory, and it is not necessary to undertake attempts to cope with illnesses independently at all.

If periodic releases of uniform white or transparent slime from a vagina are observed, it is quite normal. Allocations of the following character become a disturbing signal:

  • curdled;
  • brown;
  • yellowish;
  • with a pungent smell;
  • with blood impurity.

These signs quite often indicate possible threat of an abortion therefore it is required to see a doctor immediately. Rare, but quite serious complication is the stood pregnancy when development of a fruit in a uterus stops. Can point sudden disappearance of the main manifestations of pregnancy to it. If the diagnosis is confirmed, medical operation on removal of the died embryo is made.

Medical observations

Main type of diagnostics on the 11th weeks of pregnancy still is ultrasonography. During the procedure it is already possible to consider well outlines of the kid in a stomach at mother. If the fruit is located successfully, there is an opportunity to define its sex though observations during this period quite often become wrong.

On in advance made schedule future mom has to pass clinic for women at the gynecologist. The doctor defines basic data: the weight, growth and the sizes of a basin of the woman, conducts surveys concerning a condition of future woman in labor, presence of any given diseases in family. It is also necessary to make various tests, including the general of urine and blood, and special – on detection of HIV, hepatitis, syphilis and sexually transmitted infections.

Throughout the entire period of pregnancy to the woman intake of various auxiliary drugs, including vitamin complexes and the raised doses of folic acid and iron registers. Besides, it is desirable to visit time in 2-3 months the stomatologist for prevention of diseases of teeth and gums.

Development of a fruit

Length of a body of the baby at this stage of pregnancy usually does not exceed 60 mm, and weight is only 7-8 g. Most bodies and systems are already created though their sizes remain tiny. Heart of the kid actively and well works therefore his heartbeat is noted on medical devices. In a stage of active development there is a skeleton so far: only cartilages were created from a bone tissue. Blood consists only of red little bodies – erythrocytes while white, leukocytes, will appear later.

On the 11th week actively develop and grow:

  • intestines;
  • liver;
  • irises of the eye of eyes;
  • neck and thorax;
  • lungs, tracheas and bronchial tubes;
  • tendons;
  • blood vessels.

Besides, at the child toes are rounded and extended, and on finger-tips of hands individual "prints" appear. Slow formation of milk teeth is observed and also the grasping reflex develops: in the nearest future the kid will begin to pull actively handles, to grab an umbilical cord and to suck fingers. Already now its movements become more and more noticeable and distinct inside.

Recommendations to future mom

During retreat of unpleasant feelings there comes suitable time to take care of the own life and to construct plans for the future. It is necessary to think over carefully a diet and to make it the most balanced. It is necessary to use more products containing calcium, magnesium and phosphorus. Dairy and cereal products and also fish, fresh fruit and vegetables belong to them. One more component, necessary for the woman, - vitamin D contains in a liver. Also the organism develops in its natural way under the influence of sunlight therefore walks in the fresh air have to be daily.

Under a ban remain:

  • nicotine and alcohol;
  • farinaceous food and sweet in large volumes;
  • hot, smoked and fried dishes;
  • carbonated drinks.

At healthy nutrition an increase of weight have to be no more than a half a kilogram a week. Besides, competently made diet improves digestion and saves from many unpleasant symptoms. For this purpose it is also recommended to do moderately physical activity, for example, swimming or yoga for pregnant women. Sex on the current term is allowed, however nevertheless it is worth refusing it if any deviations in development of a fruit are revealed, there is a risk of an abortion and premature birth.

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