13 books which your children will read greedily

13 books which your children will read greedily

Modern children began to be interested less in books if to compare them to the previous generations. But there are really fascinating works which can be read on one breath.

Hobby for gadgets does not promote formation of reader's interest at younger generation. Often parents face problems, wishing to force the children to read fiction. Coercion and blackmail in this situation will not do good. It is better to treat the choice of editions more responsibly. There are such books which the child himself will not want to come off. 

""Cheerful tram"", Leonid Panteleev

In the bibliography of this author more than 100 works. ""The cheerful tram"" - one of the most fascinating books which surely will be pleasant both to children of preschool age, and school students. In it there is not only a flashing humour, but also morals which is not persuasive and very clear to young readers. The collection included a cycle of stories about Tamarochka and the Little squirrel and also several short stories. 

""Tale of the country Terra-Ferro"", Evgeny Permyak

The work was one of the most popular with the Soviet school students, but at the same time did not lose relevance to this day. ""You want, my boy, I will tell you the fairy tale..."" - the grandfather at the very beginning of the narration quite so addresses the grandson. In the country Terra-Ferro governed 3 kings at once: Wooden, Gold and Black. These governors were so greedy and cruel that constantly exhausted each other. Despite all troubles which the main characters had to face, at the fairy tale very kind and positive final. 

""Charlie and chocolate factory"", Roald Dahl

This fairy tale is read with enthusiasm not by one generation of children. On a plot the boy Charlie from very poor family became the owner of the happy ticket under which it could get on chocolate factory. He dreamed of it already long ago. But Charlie did not even guess what adventures wait for him ahead. 

""The Adventures of Tom Sawyer"", Mark Twain

This work is considered classics. In the story various adventures of the boy by the name of Tom Sawyer are described. For only several months the main character could find the love, meet friends, escape from the house, to become the pirate and to live on the island, to get lost in a cave and to get out safely of it and also to find a precious treasure.

""School of pirates. Hunting behind treasures"", Steve Stephenson

This book surely will be pleasant to fans of fascinating stories, interesting investigations. On a plot the Fiery Beard brings on the island of young pirates. According to the piracy card the treasure was hidden there. When heroes arrived to the island, it became clear that the teacher of search business completely disappeared. Young seekers had to cope with everything independently, and at the same time to hide from natives from the tribe of Kryakov. The book can be read on one breath, and the flashing author's humour will amuse even the most serious child. 

""Ice dragon"", Edith Nesbitt

This surprising fairy tale carries away already from the first page. The main character who became the king suddenly faced a problem. The artful red dragon wished to take control of the kingdom. Without sharpness and bravery it would be difficult to cope with the enemy. At the king everything turned out, but for this purpose it was necessary to work strongly. 

""Commissioner Gordon. The first business"", Ulf Nilsson

This kind fairy tale will be pleasant to fans of investigations. On a plot the Commissioner Gordon is the best police officer in the district. At some point forest inhabitants began to complain of loss of nuts. There were several suspects. To find the pilferer became for Gordon a point of honor, but circumstances developed so that it was necessary to ask about the help. Ironically the police officer addressed the criminal. 

""Gold key or Buratino's adventures"", Alexey Tolstoy

The book will be interesting even to those who saw the animated films or performances put on its plot. It is the tale of the wooden boy who wonderfully comes to life in Dad Carlo's closet. Buratino was necessary to visit different alterations before he found a gold key which could open a mysterious door and see fine puppet theater. 

""In the country of unlearned lessons"", Leah Geraskina

Younger school students should read the book. They not only will take great pleasure from this fairy tale, but also will draw for themselves valuable conclusions. On a plot the idler and poor student Victor Perestukin does not want to study. It likes to walk and have a good time only. Once his desire came true and it got to the Country of unlearned lessons. But there Vitya met the school mistakes. In the Palace of grammar it was expected by the most difficult test. It had to put a comma in a phrase ""to execute it is impossible to pardon"". The hero coped with it, but after return home decided to treat study more responsibly. 

""King and pilferers"", Vladimir Zotov

The book is very easy and positive. It can be read on one breath. On a plot the king could outwit three pilferers at once and save that the treasury. This work is ideal for school students of younger age. 

""Scarecrow"", Vladimir Zheleznyakov

The work will be interesting to school students of 11-15 years. On a plot the artist's granddaughter at school began to be called by ""scarecrow"". Persecution of schoolmates did not lead to anything good. This book about treachery and children's cruelty. It is very instructive, gives the chance to understand that not all errors can be corrected. 

 Motorish, Heinrich Sapgir

The plot of this fairy tale turned out unexpectedly fantastic for  the poet who wrote it. The nurse was necessary for the main character of the book boy Dima. Resourceful parents made the robot of the washing machine, irons and other household appliances. As envisioned he had to perform functions of the nurse. But in the relations between the person and the iron car everything appeared not so simply. 

""Benny and Penny's adventures"", Jeffrey Hayes

The fascinating book will be ideal for the first independent reading. Her heroes are Benny and Penny's amusing little mice. Every day they face the problems familiar to all children, find adventures. Children will find answers to many interesting questions in the book and once again will make sure that friendship is very important, and together to play much more cheerfully. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team