21 weeks of pregnancy: description, ultrasonography, stirs, weight

21 weeks of pregnancy: description, ultrasonography, stirs, weight

21 weeks of pregnancy are one of the most favorable and quiet periods for all pregnancy. A condition of future mom on this term quite good. She is overflowed by positive emotions from pregnancy. A stomach not strongly big also does not cause strong discomfort.

What happens to future mom on 21 weeks of pregnancy?

According to the calendar of a menstrual cycle from the date of a delay passed about 17 weeks and not only the woman and her relatives, but also all knows about pregnancy around. The woman cannot hide a stomach under free clothes any more. Besides, the woman on this term even with the naked eye can already see pushes hands and legs of the kid.

The stomach of the woman can ache a bit or pull slightly because the muscles holding a uterus have a tension. Also the woman can feel discomfort from some stirs of the kid. The child does not understand that he can hit quite painfully mom in edges or on a bladder. And every week force of pushes will only increase. It is only possible to get used to it.

The uterus every day becomes more and more. Height of its bottom is at the level of 21 centimeters above a pubis. Now it already began to prop up lungs, a stomach, kidneys and a bladder with intestines. As a result of it the woman can feel the following:

  • Frequent desire to descend in a toilet a bit.
  • Rapid breathing.

In the psychological plan on 21 weeks of pregnancy at the woman there comes the favorable period. Toxicosis had to leave away for a long time. And before childbirth still very far. Therefore the woman just feels the joy of pregnancy and its importance. She grows up in itself new life and is capable to feel the first under heart of the child. Besides, now relatives and just strangers pay to the woman special attention: care for her tranquility and the general state, give way in public transport and satisfy her requirements.

On this term, and maybe earlier, colostrum from a breast can be emitted. You should not be afraid of it. If allocations too plentiful, then it is possible to buy special laying for a breast which fastens on a bra. Important in due time to change them not to allow hit of an infection to dairy canals.

Normal, the woman has to have transparent allocations and practically not have a smell. It is admissible if their quantity is slightly increased. The woman has to watch, and in case of abnormal allocations, at once see a doctor or cause emergency aid. Treat abnormal:

  • The allocations having yellowish or greenish color speak about presence of an infection.
  • Allocations with a pungent unpleasant smell. It also says about presence of an infection and need to address to the obstetrician-gynecologist, conducting pregnancy, quickly.
  • Brown allocations speak about possible problems with pregnancy. At their emergence it is necessary to address in a hospital for observation.
  • Blood allocations signal that there is an otsloyka of a placenta and the abortion begins. To save the child and mother, it is necessary to call quickly the ambulance for hospitalization.

What changes happen to the child on 21 weeks of pregnancy?

21 obstetric weeks are the 19th embryonic week. On this term at the kid the first fat layer is formed. Its weight on this term about 360 grams. And growth, since twentieth week of pregnancy, is measured not to a tailbone, and to heels. Also it is equal to about 25 centimeters. The child can be compared, by the sizes, to a flower of the blossomed lotus.

21 weeks of pregnancy are significant the fact that the fruit has an active development of digestive system. The gullet of the kid is prepared for work. For this purpose amniotic liquid is actively swallowed. From it the organism of the kid takes away to itself some nutrients, in particular sugar and water. It is important to future mother to understand that depending on what she will eat, liquid will have any given taste. Therefore it is impossible to indulge strongly himself the spicy, sour and other food having specific taste.

It is important to note that nicotine and alcohol also fill amniotic liquid with specific smack. Therefore if the woman does not want to impart to future child in a womb harmful dependence, then the use of any alcohol-containing products and smoking of cigarettes is strictly forbidden.

That at the kid it turned out to digest the first products independently, the organism in small amounts emits special enzymes and hydrochloric acid.

Absorption by the child of amniotic liquid helps to develop not only a digestive, but also respiratory system.

On term 21 obstetric weeks of pregnancy the fruit has following external changes:

  • On the head hair actively grow. They can be distinguished even by means of the device of ultrasonic diagnostics. Especially well it is visible at the kids having a dark and hard hair in genetics.
  • Muscle tissue begins to accrue actively. Thanks to emergence of subcutaneous fat, the child every week gets more and more folds.
  • The child learns to move hands and legs. Trainings are already well felt by future mom. In certain cases, even future dad can feel the child's pushes already now, having laid to a stomach the hand at the moments of activity of the kid.
  • The bone tissue of a fruit actively becomes stronger.
  • On this term the spleen of the kid joins active work of an endocrine system.
  • In the course of blood formation there are significant changes: white blood cells begin to be formed.

In spite of the fact that the kid began to increase actively the weight and growth, he still freely feels in a stomach of future mom and is capable to make various somersaults.

Ultrasonography on 21 weeks of pregnancy

Ultrasonic diagnostics on this term is carried out within the second prenatal screening of the pregnant woman. At the normal course of pregnancy, this ultrasonography will be only the second on all term of pregnancy. But if inspections were carried out more, then you should not be frightened. The modern equipment has so high quality that does not bear negative impact on future child and on the pregnant woman at all.

The ultrasonographer will carry out a number of measurements of the kid. Its growth, approximate weight, length of hands and legs will become known. The expert will look whether internals are correctly formed and whether there are no aberrations. Besides, check of amniotic waters and an umbilical cord will be made. If suddenly the doctor suspects any aberrations, then will channelize the pregnant woman in the nearest medical genetic center.

On this term it is possible to ask the expert to tell a sex of the kid if it was not known. The main thing that the child turned as necessary and proved to be.

Also on this term it is possible to make video and a photo of the kid in the 3D format and even 4D. Parents can look for then long hours in the first photos of the kid the lines.

Sex on 21 weeks of pregnancy

As a rule, if there are no contraindications, then on this term sex is admissible. The threat of an abortion and feeling sick can become contraindications. There are no other contraindications in principle. It is important to understand that on this term the hard and rough sex, deep and sharp penetration and also poses which cause discomfort in the pregnant woman is inadmissible. The endorphins which are emitted during sex in the woman's organism also cause positive emotions in the kid.

What does the pregnant woman need to pay attention on 21 weeks of pregnancy to?

On this term at the woman the appetite begins to increase. Can want to eat strange products which, perhaps, made feeling sick and disgust earlier. Now it is impossible to overeat. It is important to watch the weight and dynamics of its growth. Harmful products are forbidden at all stages of pregnancy. It is better to cook healthy and homemade food.

If the woman carried heels earlier, then time to remove them came now. Otherwise, veins standing can get out and appear hypostases. And additional fatigue to the woman now to anything. Besides, presence of hypostases — it are possible sign of deterioration in work of kidneys.

If the stomach already very big also began to bring discomfort, then it is necessary to talk to the doctor about application of a special bandage. It will help to lower load of a back and the pregnant woman's backbone.

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