22 weeks of pregnancy: feelings, development of a fruit

22 weeks of pregnancy: feelings, development of a fruit

The second trimester is considered the most favorable for the woman. But right now the woman's body cardinally changes. The fruit is also constantly improved and grows.

How does the fruit on the 22nd obstetric week change?

On the 22nd week of pregnancy the kid weighs about 400-500 grams. Its growth can vary from 22 to 30 centimeters. Now the kid will increase not so quickly the length. The kid will try to gain weight. Thus the weight of the child will daily change. The fruit can be compared to a squash.

Skin folds begin to be smoothed gradually because of emergence of a fat layer. At the child head hair begin to grow. But as a result of the shortage of melanin they have a light shade. Except hair on the head of the child, eyelashes grow and the accurate visible line of growth of eyebrows is shown.

The child's brain on the 22nd week of pregnancy weighs about 100 grams. It is already possible to call it full on structure of cages. As a result the child already gradually begins to feel consciously. He can analyze the feelings. The kid is already able:

  • To suck a finger.
  • To do revolutions.
  • To touch itself for legs, a face and hands.
  • To do grasping movements.
  • To strike walls of a fetal bubble with handles and legs.

The kid begins to learn to coordinate all the movements. He is capable to react to strokings of future mother through a stomach.

At the child on the 22nd week of pregnancy the organs of hearing are completely created, and he is capable to hear heart beat of mother, the movement of her blood-groove, a voice future mothers and fathers. The truth sounds are from the outside heard as deaf and far. But the child all the same learns to distinguish them and if any noise is unpleasant to him, then he can let about it know stir in mother's womb.

22 obstetric weeks of pregnancy mean that from the date of conception there passed about 20 weeks. And in an organism of the child there are following changes:

  • Actively lungs ripen.
  • The sizes of heart increase.
  • Sweat glands, stomach and intestines develop.
  • Genitals are improved. If parents expect the boy, then now his testicles have to fall to a scrotum.
  • The central nervous system continues the formation.
  • The liver of the kid constantly produces enzymes which are capable to turn the indirect bilirubin which is considered as toxic for the child into completely safe a straight line.

22 obstetric week are significant also the fact that in case of premature birth the kid has a chance to survive. But at the same time the child should be in intensive care long time.

What changes happen to the pregnant woman on the 22nd week?

The pregnant woman on the 22nd week of pregnancy very often feels inflow of forces. As a rule, it has high spirits. The special feeling of happiness and joy bring pushes of the kid. This week the woman already has to feel very noticeably how the kid moves.

But not always regime of the pregnant woman and child coincides. Sometimes the woman can complain that she is not able to fall asleep or wakes up in the middle of the night because of movements of the child. Strokings, conversations with the kid quiet tone, monotonous music can calm the played baby.

Interesting position of the woman is already noticeable from outside. But she only enjoys. Now future mom has to like fully her state. A tummy not so big to bring discomfort. The woman can carry out chores practically with doberemenny ease. But you should not overtire. Any actions have to be safe for mom and the kid. You should not climb on mezzanines with desire everything to touch. It is better to delegate it on the spouse.

As a result the skin on a breast, a stomach and hips stretches, the first extensions can appear. Though it also depends on genetics, but after all it is worth supporting the skin and to humidify it with special creams, lotions and oils for pregnant women.

On the 22nd week the weight of the woman increases by 5-8 kilograms. At a palpation the uterus is probed at the level of two centimeters above a navel. The woman has an excellent appetite, but she has to control it constantly.

Now in an organism of future mother the blood volume considerably increases. Intensively cells of plasma share. They are responsible for transfer of nutrients in an organism. But the consistence of blood becomes more liquid. As a result there is a threat of development of anemia.

The pregnant woman has to watch over the health carefully. On the sixth month of pregnancy the first symptoms of a varicosity can appear. Also it is worth paying attention to the extremities. Emergence of puffiness is possible.

Possible recommendations and dangers on the 22nd week of pregnancy

At this stage of pregnancy at the woman most often excellent condition. Toxicosis long ago in the past, and appetite it is possible to call even raised. It is important to control the weight and a diet. Both the state of health of future mom, and development of the child depends on healthy nutrition. It is necessary to pay attention to the products containing calcium. You should not forget also about vegetables with fruit. If the doctor appointed polyvitamins for pregnant women, then their reception has to be daily throughout all pregnancy.

As a rule, on this term there is no need to undergo any inspections without need, special on that. At the normal course of pregnancy on the 22nd week only the clinical blood test and the analysis of urine can be appointed by the doctor.

Any violations in development of a fruit and termination of pregnancy on the 22nd week are extremely rare. The woman prior to the beginning of 21 weeks of pregnancy had to undergo the second planned prenatal screening.

Recommendations for the pregnant woman standard:

  • Not to carry heels. Preference needs to be given to comfortable footwear and clothes.
  • To walk daily in the fresh air.
  • It is whenever possible necessary to try to carry out gymnastics for pregnant women or to go to the pool. But before the first visit it is necessary to consult with the doctor who conducts pregnancy, on existence of contraindications.
  • It is impossible to raise weights at all and to overtire.
  • It is necessary to report about any changes in an organism to the gynecologist who conducts pregnancy.

Sex on the 22nd week of pregnancy

It seems to much that throughout all pregnancy you should not be engaged in the sexual relations. But it is rather usual myth. In the second trimester on the 22nd week of pregnancy the doctors, as a rule, forbid sex only in the presence of threat of termination of pregnancy. In other cases it not only is not forbidden, but also it is even recommended.

To the kid the physical proximity of parents will not be able to do much harm in any way. He is completely protected by amniotic liquid and a fetal bubble. Besides uterus walls very elastic and strong. And the endorphins getting to blood of future mother during sexual intercourse will get also to the kid. As a result he will have the same feeling of happiness, as well as the woman.

Some women note that after sexual intercourse the child begins to move actively in a stomach. It comes from increase of heartbeat of the pregnant woman and from the pleasure hormones getting to an organism of a fruit. In it there is nothing terrible.

If at the beginning of pregnancy the woman could experience decrease in a libido practically to zero, then now she, on the contrary, can experience the increased excitement and sensitivity. In an organism of the woman the blood-groove amplifies. Blood supply of genitals also amplifies. For this reason some women only during pregnancy for the first time test an orgasm.

It is important to understand that sex has to be only at the request of the woman, in a pose, convenient for it, and not to be rough.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team