26 weeks of pregnancy: feelings, development of a fruit

26 weeks of pregnancy: feelings, development of a fruit

To approach of the 26th week of pregnancy the weight of a fruit is about 850 g, and growth - 33-35 cm. Active development of various bodies and the systems of the kid continues. Future mom needs to watch constantly over the health and to pay special attention to arterial blood pressure and a condition of joints.

Feelings of future mom

The second trimester of pregnancy which is considered the quietest period of expectation of the child comes to the end. Stirs of the child are felt stronger. It occurs because the fruit considerably grew up, and to it is quite close in a uterus. Because of it pushes can be felt both in a stomach, and under edges. Body weight continues to increase, the stomach and a waist grow and also add in volume of a hip. Considerably the breast grew up, having added 1-2 sizes. In total since the beginning of pregnancy the organism can already gain 9 kg.

Together with an increase of weight the short wind and hypostases of extremities develop. It is already necessary to get used to these feelings, to try to lead moderately active lifestyle, to have a rest periodically from work. Because of the grown-up stomach it becomes difficult to bend, and the special complexity is made by putting on and removal of footwear. In this regard it is worth passing to an obuvka with a minimum of fasteners or in general without them.

In a neck of the uterus the formation of a mucous stopper which closes an entrance to a uterine cavity is observed, protecting it from infections. This process happens imperceptibly for the woman. Periodic allocations from a vagina are still observed. It is important that they remained transparent and had no unpleasant smell.

Possible complications

The negative phenomena in the late stages of pregnancy the following:

  • toxicosis;
  • diseases of kidneys;
  • preeklampsiya and eklampsiya.

Similar illnesses usually come to light at the next inspection of the pregnant woman. In time to prevent development of deviations, it is worth accustoming itself to write down all the feelings from a special notebook. At the same time it is regularly important to measure pressure and too to note the received results. Is closer to the beginning of the third trimester it can periodically raise. The constant deviation of pressure from norm can cause serious complications.

Those who often works at the computer or performs other work as hands need to watch a condition of ligaments and joints. The tunnel syndrome of wrists because of constant hypostases of hands becomes the frequent phenomenon on late terms. The liquid standing in connecting fabrics presses nervous fibers, causing hands pain. The thicket should take a break in work, to stir up hands and in every possible way to knead them.

Sometimes at pregnant women the stagnation of bile because of what digestion slows down is observed, long locks begin, pain in the top part of a stomach and under edges can develop on the right. If not to solve a problem in time, in a gall bladder stones begin to be formed. The exact diagnosis and therapeutic methods are established by the doctor.

Development of a fruit

The activity of the kid on the 26th week considerably increases. He already tries to open eyes as well developed muscles quite allow to do a century it. The child often blinks and blinks that very much it is useful after the birth when he needs to get used to bright light. Also auditory organs develop therefore the kid catches surrounding sound vibrations. Current week, auricles, eardrums, acoustical stones and sheaves were completely created.

Are gradually synchronized brain and physical activity of a fruit. Periodically it begins consciously, but not reflex to react to various irritants. For example, the kid can not like loud music or a talk because of what he begins to be pushed, moving with legs and handles. What else occurs in a small organism:

  • bones of a skeleton continue to become stronger and hypodermic and fat cages appear;
  • rudiments of teeth on gums are finally mineralized;
  • neural communications develop;
  • hair and nails grow;
  • primary hormonal background is formed;
  • the reproductive system begins to be formed.

The fruit is located in amniotic liquid which total amount - about 0.7 l. The weight of a placenta reaches 300 g. The rhythm of tiny heart makes 120-160 beats per minute, and it can already be felt if to nestle on mom's stomach. The fruit on the current term so far somehow therefore it is not necessary to worry about it can be located. However the recommendations of the doctor need to be observed strictly: premature birth will be deadly to the kid now.

Observations and recommendations

At the moment it is enough to adhere to already created calendar of visits of a female office. Ultrasonography and other inspections is appointed according to special indications if the doctor has a suspicion of any disease at the woman. In addition the directions are given for delivery of the general analysis of urine and blood.

It is important to follow special advice that the child grew strong and healthy, without delivering to mom of unpleasant feelings:

  • Adhere to a healthy diet and do not recede from the food principles. Eat small portions that the organism acquired food better.
  • Drink more liquid that there was no feeling of thirst.
  • If on a face there were pigmentary spots, have patience and do not use cosmetics which is harmful to skin now.
  • Fight against emergence of extensions, carrying out light massage of skin on a breast, a stomach, hips and buttocks.
  • Begin preparation for a maternity leave, having discussed transfer of the powers to the authorized representative with employers.
  • If standing there was varicosity, it is worth discussing use of compression socks or tights with the doctor.
  • For fight against hypostases standing it is regularly possible to pour over them water of contrast temperatures. During sleep between knees it is better to enclose a small pillow.
  • You sleep not the right side or on a back, avoiding the excessive pressure upon a stomach.

Now it is very important to listen to any unusual feelings in a body and an organism. For example, some pregnant women face spasms in extremities which arise because of the shortage of potassium and calcium. It is worth discussing the most optimal variant of a diet with the doctor. Also the training fights arising not more often than 4-5 times per day can already begin. If their frequency increases, urgently see a doctor. It is very important not to forget about daily walks and whenever possible about sport for pregnant women. The way of life in general has to become slow and measured therefore it is better to plan any business in advance. Avoid stresses and disorders. If it is necessary, ask relatives to support you during this extremely responsible period.

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