3 minutes a day which will improve the relations with the child

3 minutes a day which will improve the relations with the child

Surprisingly, but this elementary approach will help to approach to all family members. In spite of the fact that three minutes represent over a short period, they are crucial in creation of communications and trust in family.

In an environment of affairs and cares we quite often forget about the relatives. It seems to us that we so spend on them a lot of time and attention. Especially presently it is rather difficult to modern parents to combine work, hobbies and family. And thanks to traffic jams, overtime work, turns, there is no time left for children at all.

Each parent tries to justify himself, operating with what devotes to care much time: makes a breakfast, a lunch, a dinner, checks lessons, trains children for sleeping. Having kissed the small miracle before going to bed, it plunges into own affairs again.

Psychologists established long ago that except a kiss on duty there are three magic minutes which are the most important for the child throughout the day. Because these minutes deepen the mutual relations between the parent and the child.

According to psychologists, the rule of three minutes needs to be built in daily occurrence of each family and strictly to adhere to it. If you follow on the specified way, then will be able to construct with the child of the relation, based on trust which will pay off when he becomes a teenager.

It is absolutely simple to use the rule of three minutes. The main thing not to forget about it and to practice this method daily, without being interrupted.

How does the rule of three minutes work?

It is very important to remember that the child experiences the strongest emotions when he meets parents. Therefore every day after work, meet the kid so as if you did not see him long ago and madly missed him. Even if you left only recently, let there passed only 5 minutes, all the same represent joy of a long-awaited meeting.

When you take away the child from school or kindergarten, do not forget to show how you missed him and as strongly waited for a meeting with it. Smile, kiss it and you tell tender words. Praise! But never abuse the child at a meeting. At such emotional moment you will only upset with the lectures the child and will push away from yourself.

Endure. If you were excited by its any act, discuss it a bit later. The child will be grateful to you for such approach.

Why it is necessary to act this way?

Because children's mentality very weak and vulnerable. The formed thinking depends on opinion of surrounding society which is not always kindly adjusted. Thereby the child has a stress, losing self-confidence, begins to feel lonely, left and helpless.

Parents for it as a lifebuoy, and the house the safest place. Therefore the long-awaited meeting with you, means tranquility, protection and love for it. You give it these feelings, and he will be responsible you in the future for such care with huge gratitude.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team