39 weeks of pregnancy: feelings, development of a fruit

39 weeks of pregnancy: feelings, development of a fruit

The 39th week of pregnancy is one of the last before childbirth, and future mom already has to be ready to them completely. Also the kid whose weight by this moment is about 3.2 kg, and growth - 50 cm expects the birth.

Development of a fruit on the 39th week

Already to approach of the 38th week the child is considered completely full-term. Its systems and bodies ripened and are completely viable. Nevertheless, the fruit continues to grow gradually, receiving necessary nutrients through a placenta and an umbilical cord. Lungs are ready to get to work, and right after the birth the first breath will be made. The stomach already produces the enzymes, necessary for splitting of food, and intestines just about will begin to soak up the food coming to an organism.

The child's reflexes, in particular sosatelny which is required to the baby right after the birth are well developed. At the same time the central nervous system is still unevenly developed, and only its following elements ripened:

  • sensitive analyzers;
  • spinal cord;
  • facial nerve;
  • glial fabric.

The look of the kid can already be focused at distance up to 30 cm that corresponds to a distance to the face of mom during future feeding. We are actively improved the child's brain: he is capable to distinguish and remember volume objects, colors and all movements. Length of hair on his head can reach 4-5 cm, and at the same time the specific down and first-born lubricant already descended from a body. Nails on hands and legs grew up. Skin of the kid has the light pink color indicating completion of formation of a hypodermic and fat layer.

To approach of the 39th week the physical activity of the child considerably decreases, however it should not cause a reason for concern: just in a stomach there is already not enough place for intensive gestures. Besides, the amount of amniotic waters decreased. And still the kid saves forces for participation in the future process of childbirth.

Feelings of future mom

As a rule, women on the 39th week of pregnancy try not to resort to physical activities without special need, are psychologically adjusted on childbirth which quite can begin any day. Besides noticeable weight in a stomach and all inconvenience which it gives the woman can test:

  • the skhvatkoobrazny and pulling pain in the bottom of a stomach due to narrowing of walls of a uterus;
  • nagging pains in a crotch and lumbar department under pressure of a fruit;
  • the lumbago in the field of a basin arising at sharp gestures of the baby;
  • weight in legs;
  • numbness of hands and legs, painful hypostases of extremities;
  • the locks in certain cases leading to loss of gemorroidalny knots.

The woman's organism actively is preparing for the forthcoming patrimonial process. The most noticeable changes happen in a uterus which towers over a pubic joint approximately on 40 cm, and her neck is shortened and softened. Already soon through it there will have to pass a kid, without having been traumatized at the same time.

Fabric which connects pelvic bones that they could be moved apart during childbirth is softened and pass the baby. The little pushes in the lower part of a stomach saying that the head of the child nestles on an exit from a uterus thereby can sometimes be felt being preparing for birth.

Signs of the beginning of childbirth

It is very important to distinguish in time that childbirth just about will begin. Before approximately the 38th and the next weeks of pregnancy the woman already had to face such phenomenon as training or false contractions ("Brekstona-Hicks's fights"). They differ from true desires to childbirth in not too painful feelings and occur not more often than several times a day. If fights begin to arise several times in an hour, causing noticeable pain, it is necessary to call the ambulance urgently. Besides, usually point to completion of pregnancy:

  • omission of a stomach;
  • otkhozhdeniye of waters and mucous stopper;
  • release of colostrum;
  • weight reduction.

Everything begins with gradual omission of a stomach along with pressing of the prelying part of a fruit (head or buttocks) to an entrance to a small pelvis down. The woman begins to feel reduction of pressure upon a stomach and lungs. At the same time a weekly set of weight stops, and even its kickback in the opposite direction begins.

Along with the specified phenomena the appetite decreases: by active preparation for childbirth excess liquids and nutrients are not required for an organism. Also under pressure of a fruit the desires to frequent urination and defecation at the woman can sharply increase by a bladder and intestines during the prenatal period.

Mammary glands begin to produce actively colostrum – the special secret containing a large amount of protein. The baby will eat this liquid in the first days of the life. If earlier colostrum could be emitted only in small volumes when squeezing a breast, then now it is capable to follow independently and in a large number, speaking about fast approach of childbirth.

The otkhozhdeniye of amniotic waters becomes the most strong indication of the fact that it is time to go to hospital. It is liquid without color and flavourless, following from a vagina a thin stream or an intensive stream. The otkhozhdeniye of a mucous stopper – the substance of white, pinkish or yellow color with red streaks closing an entrance to a neck of the uterus can accompany such phenomenon. Usually mucous stopper departs in 1-2 weeks before childbirth or just before them.

Inspections and recommendations

At the moment all main inspections have to be already passable. Delivery of the last before childbirth of the general analysis of urine can expect the woman. Besides, the obstetrician-gynecologist measures arterial blood pressure of the woman in labor, mass of her body, a circle of a stomach and height of standing of a bottom of a uterus. By means of a stomach palpation hands the arrangement of a fruit in a uterus is detected. To the woman can be recommended to pass a kardiotokografiya if the procedure already long was not made. During it the frequency of uterine reductions, characteristics of gestures of the kid are measured heartbeat of a fruit. At incubation of twins or at the future childbirth Caesarian additional ultrasonography is appointed section.

It is a high time to discuss with the doctor the future hospitalization before childbirth. Exact date will be appointed, proceeding from features of course of pregnancy. If primary signs of the beginning of childbirth are already observed, it is necessary to go to hospital as soon as possible. Usually the procedure begins to be carried out in the next 1-2 days. It is necessary only to wait for sufficient disclosure of a neck of the uterus, and obstetricians will be ready to fulfill the professional duty.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team