5 games for development of motility of hands for children up to two years

5 games for development of motility of hands for children up to two years

Games for development of fine motor skills – some of the most important for children up to two years. These exercises can be used since 10 months, but it is important to watch the child and not to leave his one.

1. Pasta. For occupation you will need pasta with large holes (snails, feathers, tubules, large horns) and a long lace. For children to one and a half years there will be 30-40 macaroni enough, for children is more senior – twice more. Suggest the child to string pasta on a lace. Carry out exercise at least 2 times a week. If the child liked exercise, it is possible to carry out it several times a day, yet will not bother. After that make several days of a break and again offer this exercise.

2. Squash. Put two unbreakable tanks before the child. In one of them fill a little grain (buckwheat, rice, peas) and give to the child a spoon. Show how by means of a spoon it is possible to mix grain from one pan in another. After the child moved all grain to other pan, suggest to shift grain in the first pan again, or a dosypta other grain. Exercise is carried out 20-30 minutes a day 1-2 times a week.

3. Drawing. Take a cover from a shoe box and put the color sheet A4 on a bottom. From above pour out semolina or other small grain and suggest the child to draw a finger. You can draw together with the child and write letters, pronouncing them aloud. To carry out exercise 20-30 minutes (or so far will not bother the child) several times a week.

4. Cinderella. Mix peas and haricot in a small box. Suggest the child to choose all haricot from peas and to shift in other box. Over time it is possible to increase amount of grain and also to apply smaller grain (for example, buckwheat, rice). Carry out exercise of times a week. 5. Clothespegs. Exercise will require from 30 to 50 clothespegs. Cut out a circle from dense cardboard and suggest the child to make the sun by means of clothespegs. For this purpose at the edges it is necessary to hook clothespegs. Further it is possible to cling clothespegs on curtains, the hanging rope. You watch that the child did not pinch to himself fingers. Begin to carry out exercise from 30 clothespegs, gradually increasing their quantity.

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