5 methods to gain trust of the child

5 methods to gain trust of the child

The child matures and tells about the thoughts less. Shares not with you, and with friends. How not to lose this thread of trust?

5 methods to gain trust of the child

The child begins to learn independently life after five years. By eight years he has secrets about which parents want to know. Mothers and fathers are afraid to lose that thin thread of trust which becomes thinner every year. Children after eight years are very sensitive to behavior of adults. But, following several rules, it is possible to keep trust between you.

1. Involve the child in joint work

Find occupation physically simple, but useful to life. In the course of collaboration the child "greedily" spreads all the adventures. Can share as the pleasant moments, and not really. And if confused you during the story a certain detail, do not visit. There will be a probability that some points will remain untold, and you want to learn with greedy curiosity more. "Torture" you will bring down it from a thought, and the subject of adventures will remain secretly from you forever.

And if suddenly to burst a dispute where respectively the parental word is more authoritative. Next time your child will consider that to tell you.

2. Tell the child about the hobbies

Children with interest listen about your antecedents. Share with them the "good secrets" from the lived time. It will prove to your child what you trust him.

Tell that you want to reach in the future. What you want to begin to be engaged in the nearest future in.

But it is not necessary to wait and hope that, having heard "your" dream, he will be inspired by the idea and will follow on this way. You arrange this method it on response and by that you learn about his desires. It has to act on the constant basis.

 3. You hold a promise

Before making to the child a promise, think of its execution. Then will senselessly explain to him why at you did not leave. What at the child to be postponed at heart and in memory? The increasing offense.

Promised to go to the cinema together or the park? Go!

Promised to give pocket money for purchase of "thing" necessary to it. Give! You want to check purchase, accidentally take an interest. And better learn it to trust!

Told that buy the bicycle. Buy!

4. Answer questions of children

What? Where? When? Do not tear off children with questions, explaining to them that you are busy at present. Answer its inquisitive subjects, he learns this world. There is nobody and the child nothing more important than yours. Little "why-asker" learns the answer, here only not from your lips. These knowledge will not satisfy you. And over time he will not ask your councils and opinion, earlier you let it know that there are "affairs more important".

If, in your opinion, "it" not for a children's brain, then select for an explanation suitable for its thinking.

5. Do not discuss children, especially at their presence

To it you have to discuss any claims only with it and with anybody another.

You do not say that there is no time for communication with the child. Find means for communication.

So far you at work, let it will be phone. Having sent to SMS in the afternoon, you dispose the child to a keen conversation in the evening.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team