6 week of pregnancy: description, size of a fruit, feeling

6 week of pregnancy: description, size of a fruit, feeling

Before appearance of the kid there is a lot more time. The woman only learned about the interesting situation. Happiness from pregnancy can be saddened by new not really pleasant symptoms.

What happens to a fruit on the 6th week of pregnancy?

There are two ways of determination of term of pregnancy: embryonic and obstetric. And on the term of 6 obstetric weeks to the kid only 4 weeks were executed. It is connected with the fact that the obstetric term of definition of pregnancy begins with the moment of the last periods according to the calendar of the woman. Then the ovum which will become an embryo begins the development. Only two weeks later it is ready to fertilization and leaves a follicle. The spermatozoon is given one day on fertilization. And if it occurs, then long development from a germ in the full-fledged kid begins.

Many people were seen how one kernel of black pepper looks. Such sizes now germ. Its length on the term of 6 obstetric weeks about 4 millimeters. Weight is no more than 4.5 grams. At the same time the kid looks absolutely disproportionately:

  • The head is very big.
  • The body extended also has a tail.
  • Instead of hands and legs it is still possible to see only tiny rudiments.
  • Instead of fingers the embryo has only hillocks.
  • There are rudiments of future genitals.
  • Muscle tissue of the child begins to develop.

Though the child now and very small, internal systems in his body develop every day. Heart of the kid is capable to do 140 beats per minute already now. It is possible to determine frequency on this term only by the device of ultrasonic diagnostics.

Already on this term the kid has bends where later there will be knees and elbows. The embryo has little hryashchik. Over time they will become is firmer and will turn into the real stones.

At future child the inner ear begins to develop already now. And the nervous tube becomes nervous system of the kid at an embryonic stage.

The embryo on the 6th week of pregnancy already has following internals:

  • Stomach and pancreas.
  • Timus or a thymus which will be responsible for immunity of the child.

Bodies are still imperfect. Most of them still long time will develop. But on this term it is important that they appeared at the kid.

What changes happen in a body of the pregnant woman?

6 obstetric week of pregnancy are only the beginning of the first trimester of pregnancy. If pregnancy normally proceeds, then childbirth will happen only at the end of the third trimester. Now the woman only gets over that she is pregnant. Presumably, from the moment of conception there passed only four weeks, and the woman's organism already functions in a new way. Externally future mom changes poorly. The breast can bulk up slightly. Very often women throughout all pregnancy note hypersensibility of a breast. Especially areas of nipples. The pregnant woman can note pricking in this area and increase. Often happens that even color of nipples and auras becomes much more dark, than before pregnancy. You should not be frightened it. After the woman gives rise and will fatten a breast of the child, nipples will become lighter less.

The stomach of the pregnant woman will begin to increase not soon, but the uterus sizes change already now. The kid needs enough free space. The uterus size on this term same, as at average orange. The woman can feel already now that muscle tissue in the bottom of a stomach begins to stretch. Such feelings are considered as normal if they are not followed by severe pain. Pandiculations have to be irregular. The pregnant woman should tell about them to the obstetrician-gynecologist. If such feelings cause strong discomfort, then the doctor can appoint the medicines relaxing muscles. For example, No-Spa. The dosage is discussed with each patient individually.

On the 6th week of pregnancy the development of very important body in life of the kid and pregnant woman — a placenta continues. Its existence is possible only during pregnancy. The condition of a placenta will be controlled by experts on all terms of pregnancy. The correct and trouble-free development of the kid depends on its correct functioning. After the delivery there is a placenta. As soon as pregnancy ends, this body becomes not necessary to the woman. But with new pregnancy the placenta appears again and goes through several stages of the development:

The woman from the beginning of pregnancy can test weakness and annoyance. Cases of manifestation of excessive emotionality are frequent. Perhaps, at this stage it is necessary to the pregnant woman's relatives. The storm of emotions of the pregnant woman will fall upon them.

Toxicosis in the early stages of pregnancy

At many pregnant women the 6th week of pregnancy is associated with unpleasant sign — toxicosis. There is it because of sharp splash in hormones in the woman's organism. As a result of it the following symptoms can appear:

  • Sharpening of sense of smell. The majority of smells at the woman can be perceived very negatively. Interestingly and the fact that some, apparently, unpleasant smells, can cause strong desire to smell them in the woman. At the same time to foretell what addictions can arise at the pregnant woman, it is unreal.
  • Change of preferences in food. The pregnant woman can want suddenly some herring with jam, cucumbers with fruit salad or any other, apparently, incompatible products. Also the woman can sharply fall in love with such products which caused hostility earlier.
  • Nausea — a frequent symptom of the pregnant woman. It can last all first trimester. It is possible to lower it by means of salty products, water with a lemon, grain crusts. Many women find the way to appease nausea during pregnancy. It is important to understand that if not to eat in due time, then nausea will only become aggravated.
  • If the woman is felt sick by no more than 4 times a day, then it is considered norm. If frequency is higher, then it is worth seeing a doctor who watches the course of pregnancy. Perhaps, hospitalization of the pregnant woman in medical institution for pregnancy preservation will be required. Organism dehydration probability because of frequent vomiting is high. Besides, the woman cannot normally eat, and her organism is not saturated with useful substances.

What should the pregnant woman pay attention to?

Now the woman has to be registered in clinic for women. Vestie pregnancy will be a doctor the obstetrician-gynecologist. At the first stage do to the woman special prenatal records. One of them is constantly stored in clinic for women, and another is at the pregnant woman on hands. All data, including biometric indicators, results of analyses and inspection of ultrasonography are entered in it.

On this term it is desirable for woman to descend on ultrasonography to be confident in normal course of pregnancy. If the embryo was attached not in a uterus cavity, and in a fallopian pipe, then there can be a critical situation. Also on this term the ultrasonographer will be able to define whether pregnancy develops and whether the child's heart fights. The pregnant woman will be able to learn, she bears one or two kids.

Now it is important to monitor allocations. As normal are considered transparent or slightly whitish without any pungent smell. If the woman found out that her allocations have an unpleasant smell or abnormal color (white, yellow or green), then it is a good motive quickly to address the gynecologist. Such allocations speak about presence of an infection. Most often the pregnant woman is subject to a fungal disease which is called candidiasis or the milkwoman. But abnormal allocations can speak also about other diseases, sexually transmitted.

If the woman had bright red allocations, then it is necessary to call an ambulance urgently. Emergency aid needs to be caused and in case the woman feels an acute pain in a stomach.

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