9 wonderful things which will be estimated by parents of kids

9 wonderful things which will be estimated by parents of kids

Thanks to some devices it became simpler to raise children and to look after them. In shops it is possible to get many things which young parents will be able surely to appreciate.

Useful inventions significantly facilitate care for kids. Modern mothers with pleasure use them. Some things can be presented to young parents as a gift. These are sure bets. It was only possible to dream of them couple of decades ago. 

The self-warming-up small bottle

It is very important to choose a convenient and quality small bottle for the kids who are on the artificial or mixed feeding. In it it is possible to pour not only dairy mix, but also liquid porridge, compotes. At the same time there is not always an opportunity to warm up food. It is inconvenient to use electric heaters in trains, on walks. In such situations of a small bottle of new generation will become the real rescue. To warm up their contents, it is enough to insert the disposable cartridge in which there are only a salt and water. The maximum temperature of heating is 37 °C. It is possible to be sure that the kid will not burn. 

Thermometer sticker

 It is difficult to small children to take temperature. Not to force the kid to lie quietly several minutes, it is possible to use the thermometer sticker. It is pasted directly on skin. The result is visible on a board. The smart device can be connected to the smartphone, and to parents information on temperature increase of a body of the child will come. It is very convenient when the kid sleeps. In the smartphone dynamics of temperature change remains. These data can be valuable to the doctor. 

Baby sling

Such universal carryings were invented long ago, but were widely used several years ago. It is very convenient to carry the child in a baby sling. Such adaptation facilitates life to mothers. With it it is possible not to think of how to come with the child into shop, to go to policlinic, to reach somewhere on public transport. In a baby sling the kid feels comfortable and comfortably. Many parents use it and at home to make the most necessary affairs. At the same time it is very important to choose high-quality carrying. Kids aged from 3 up to  6 months can be carried only in a baby sling scarf, observing at the same time all recommendations about the correct use. 

Clever changing table

Young parents already managed to estimate all advantages of a clever changing table. On it it is possible not only to perform hygienic procedures, to change to the child of a diaper, but also to weigh the kid. Instead of a table it is possible to use and clever matrasik. It performs the same functions: fixes changes of weight and growth of the child, his diet, a daily routine. The thing will be irreplaceable for the kids who are on breastfeeding. In this case it is difficult to fix the volume of the drunk milk, but with new devices it becomes possible. Parents can see all necessary figures in the application on the smartphone.

Sound projector

This adaptation helps kids to calm down and fall asleep. It can be put near a bed and to include a slow melody. If to direct a projector to a ceiling, on a surface interesting pictures will appear. Kids very much like to consider them. Unlike mobiles, the projector does not influence negatively nervous system of children. Patterns on a ceiling turn out less bright, not persuasive and static. 

The sensor with the activity monitor

In big houses it is difficult to watch the kid in the constant mode. Even if the child fell asleep, its one to leave dangerous as it is possible not to hear shout. Modern inventions help to solve this problem. Special sensors can be attached on the child's clothes. Data on breath frequency, situation in a dream, temperature in the room come to the parental smartphone. In such devices there is also a listening function. If the child woke up and made some sounds, the parent will hear it at distance. 

Ukachivatel with fastening on a carriage

Modern mothers and fathers do not have need to swing a carriage that the kid fell asleep. Special adaptation considerably facilitates to parents life. It can be attached to the carriage handle then quietly to go about the own business. The special ukachivatel imitates the movement of a parental hand. 

Spoon small bottle

It is very convenient to use such adaptation on walk. There is no need to take a spoon, and then somewhere to move away her. It is built in a small bottle. Liquid porridge follows in it in the small portions. After feeding it is only necessary to close food a cover and to keep to next time. 


The kids beginning to creep or taking the first steps often injure knees. Qualitative kneecaps with protective small pillows will protect gentle children's skin from scratches and scrapes. At the same time it is important that they did not press a leg. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team