About what week the child moves

About what week the child moves

Stirs of the child - the concerning experience to which any future mom looks forward. Stirs give to many women long-awaited feeling of presence of the kid at a womb, and pregnancy becomes more conscious. At different stages of pregnancy of stir of a fruit are shown differently.


1. The first physical activity is fixed at a fruit on 8-9 week of pregnancy. The child already makes involuntary movements by hands and legs, stirs have chaotic character. On such term the sizes of the child are still too small, his movements will be amortized by a large amount of amniotic liquid therefore future mom feels nothing.

2. Gradually the fruit increases in sizes and takes more and more places in mother's womb. The first notable stirs of the kid of the woman are felt in the middle of the second trimester of pregnancy. It is considered that in the first pregnancy the woman begins to feel for the first time movements of the child during the period between the 18 and 24 week. Come to the second pregnancy of feeling to 1-2 weeks earlier, than at primipara women.

3. First movements of the kid will be hardly noticeable, however soon his activity increases. The most active and notable stirs of a fruit are observed between the 24 and 32 week of pregnancy. During this period future mom feels movements of the child almost constantly, and their frequency testifies to a physical and mental condition of the kid.

4. After 32 weeks of stir become less active. The child increases in sizes, to him becomes close in a uterus, active movements become impossible. At the end of the third trimester of pregnancy the physical activity of the kid considerably decreases, but does not disappear. If the woman a long time does not feel stirs of the child on late terms, it is necessary to visit the doctor.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team