Abundance of water: reasons, symptoms, treatment

Abundance of water: reasons, symptoms, treatment

The fruit in a womb of mother is surrounded with amniotic waters which protect it from external adverse effects, provide with nutrients and oxygen, create necessary conditions for development. Influence of bad ecology and food, infections, addictions of mother can provoke development of such deviation of pregnancy as abundance of water.

Normal in 10 weeks of pregnancy the amount of amniotic waters is 30 ml, in 14 – 100 ml, and in recent months before childbirth from 1000 to 1500 ml. If these norms are exceeded, the abundance of water is diagnosed. Mark out sharp and chronic abundance of water, its easy and heavy degrees.

Weight in a stomach, sharp increase in its sizes, waist and crotch pains can be symptoms of abundance of water. Often the abundance of water is followed by increase in arterial blood pressure, and heartbeat of the kid is listened poorly. The abundance of water at pregnancy on ultrasonography is diagnosed.

The infectious diseases postponed to and during pregnancy, serious chronic illness (diabetes, pyelonephritis), Rhesus factor conflict, polycarpous pregnancy, pathologies of development of a fruit can be the reasons of abundance of water. For successful treatment of abundance of water it is necessary to remove its cause. For effective diagnostics are appointed ultrasonography, KTG, doppler sonography, blood tests diagnosing presence of pre-natal infections, dab on STD at a negative Rhesus factor a blood test on antibodies is taken. If the abundance of water does not give serious complications for the course of pregnancy, then treatment can be carried out on an outpatient basis. To the woman appoint diuretics, vitamins, if necessary antibiotics, in the third trimester often recommend to pregnant women intake of indometacin. Upon transition of abundance of water to heavy degree and existence of the problems in development of a fruit connected with abundance of water, the rodorazresheniye can be carried out ahead of schedule. On early terms at impossibility of early childbirth deflation of amniotic liquid is appointed.

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