Advantage of swimming for children

Advantage of swimming for children

The advantage of swimming is undoubted for the person at any age, but regular trainings by this sport are simply necessary for the developing children's organism. What is surprising, swimming is that type of physical exercises which can be mastered during the earliest period of life when performance of other physical exercises on the land is still difficult to the child.

As classes swimming influence the child's organism

To do this sport it is possible to begin even during breastfeeding. Kids pretty fast accustom to water and easily begin to dive, holding the breath for several minutes. Regular trainings by swimming have the noticeable strengthening effect as such children have almost no colds. Besides, "floating" babies also are physically much stronger than others – they well developed muscles of a back, a stomach, legs and hands. They begin to creep, stand and go earlier, they are distinguished by the best coordination of movements and motility. Regular trainings in the pool make the stimulating impact on the blood circulatory system, develop a cardiac muscle, tone up the child's skin. They help to forget forever about such infantile problems as hyper - and a hypotone, anemia and rickets.

Children, even such kids, very much love classes swimming and, as a rule, always with pleasure visit the pool. These children differ in great appetite, sleep tight and their nervous system is more counterbalanced, they are capricious less and less often cry. Swimming helps to create at them since childhood such useful traits of character as discipline, independence, ability to quickly make the decision and to react to change of a situation, courage and determination.

It is difficult to overestimate importance of classes swimming during formation of the musculoskeletal device. In the water environment there are no static loads on skeleton muscles, loads and of a spine column are minimized. Swimming promotes uniform distribution of tension of a muscular framework that very positively affects formation of a correct posture. The doctor by all means will advise the child who already "got" to himself scoliosis regular visit of the pool.

Negative impact of visits of the pool

It is worth stopping also on those bad points which are connected with visit of artificial reservoirs – pools. The fact is that on the indisputable norms approved by the Sanitary and Epidemiological Inspectorate, water in the pool is chlorinated without fail. Chlorine, in turn, can cause mutations at the gene level and be the reason of cancer diseases and the strongest allergic reactions. Therefore bathing in such water should be limited on time and after it it is obligatory to take a fresh shower with use of a bast and gel. Some parents are afraid of infections which can be "caught" at visit of the pool. But in the water, thanks to availability of chlorine, these infections just do not survive. The danger can represent only contact with hand-rail of short flights of stairs, pool sides. If to limit it, it is possible to bring a possibility of infection to naught.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team