Alcohol intake during feeding by a breast

Alcohol intake during feeding by a breast

Alcohol intake in large numbers for the feeding mom is inadmissible. However, some experts consider that you should not impose a total ban on alcohol nevertheless.

Harm of alcohol for the kid

At the use by the feeding mom of alcoholic drinks the ethyl alcohol which is their part is soaked up in blood and practically at once gets into milk. About harm of taking alcohol during pregnancy and feeding by a breast, all know, perhaps.

Ethyl alcohol which gets to an organism of the baby with maternal milk very negatively affects his health. High concentrations of alcohol can cause serious consequences. Cases when reception of high doses of alcohol by the feeding mom came to an end with a lethal outcome for the newborn are known.

It is important to remember that in the period of a neonatality of the kid mom should not take any alcohol even in the smallest doses. It is difficult to predict as it to affect the state of health of the baby. At such age they are still very weak. Hit of a minute quantity of ethyl alcohol in milk can sometimes provoke poisoning.

Under what circumstances it is possible to take alcohol

Some experts do not consider that the feeding mom has to refuse alcohol intake completely. In some cases women are able to afford to drink a glass of dry wine. It is important to understand that it should not log in. Alcohol intake during feeding by a breast can become a rare exception to the rules, concerning the ban on alcohol. Some women nurse kids up to 2 years. Naturally, during this period she visits for some holidays, actions where people drink alcoholic beverages. Sometimes young mothers admit that they begin to test sudden thirst for alcohol. They very much want to drink a glass of dry wine or a little beer. In such cases it is quite admissible to break the ban, but at the same time it is important to know about certain rules of taking alcohol. It is known that ethyl alcohol does not collect in milk. Its concentration in this biological liquid decreases in process of its decrease in mother's blood. The maximum concentration of ethyl alcohol in blood and milk manages to be reached after 30-50 minutes after acceptance of alcohol. If young mom drank a glass of dry wine, she should not nurse the kid within 2-3 hours after alcohol intake. To decant milk it is useless. Concentration of alcohol will decrease in it only when it begins to decrease in blood. To young mothers it is admissible to use occasionally only a small amount of quality low alcohol drinks. Vodka, strong cognac and other high-grade alcohol has to remain under the strict ban. You should not drink also the alcoholic cocktails containing dyes and preservatives.

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