Alcoholism in the early stages of pregnancy

Alcoholism in the early stages of pregnancy

Many women are interested in a question of alcohol intake during pregnancy. Some fearlessly drink and smoke, children at them are born then healthy and strong, some should look only at alcohol as there are deviations in development, untimely pains in a stomach. But there is a certain term when alcohol is extremely contraindicated because of the increased risk of an abortion.

How does everything occur?

After fertilization the ovum moves on a uterine tube to the uterus where will continue development of future fruit. Already on the place the ovum breaks up to a small amount of the cages gathered. The special outer sheath which will allow a fruit to be attached to a uterus wall for development continuation is gradually formed. The term of this procedure 1-2 weeks, is more often to the middle of the second. This period is most vulnerable for a fruit, any negative impact from the outside can lead to a negative outcome. Besides, dangerous it is also because the woman can not know that she is pregnant. In the first two weeks, symptoms are practically not shown, the lack of periods is shown, from third week beginning. For this reason after the planned conception of the child, it is several weeks better to refrain from alcohol.

It is important to remember that alcohol addiction the enemy not only women at early stages of pregnancy. Many families suffer from alcoholism!

What factors can stop formation of a fruit?

Most often alcohol becomes the reason of a stop of development. Its action extends not to a liver as there is an opinion among people, and more on a brain. Alcohol gets to blood from where in the natural way reaches a brain from what the feeling of ease appears, happiness hormone is activated, memory is blocked then and the clarity of reason becomes dull. But having got to blood, alcohol gets not only into a brain, but also to the fruit which develops and eats the same, as his mother. Terrible cages of alcohol can affect or not affect a fruit, a matter of luck. An essence only that it is a game with fire: either everything, or anything. To the child there can be nothing, will continue to itself quietly development, and can die from a deadly dosage of alcohol in blood.

And if the child survived after application of alcohol?

The Canadian scientists conducted a number of experiments on interrelation of alcohol intake and further development of the child. Some women drank enough alcohol, but since third week, having learned about pregnancy, considerably reduced a dosage and frequency. Nevertheless, scientists found the fact of tachycardia of the child, the broken heartbeat and a deviation in development. In 4 of 10 cases this factor was shown further on the endocrine system of children, after the birth some of them were fruitless.

There is no obvious confirmation of the theory on an abortion from alcohol intake. In certain cases the child developed absolutely normally, without any deviations, in others – everything came to an end is less iridescent. But scientists came to a conclusion that alcohol in the early stages of pregnancy is one of risk factors of violation of development or its stop generally.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team