Analyses of urine during pregnancy: interpretation

Analyses of urine during pregnancy: interpretation

During pregnancy to the woman passing of the general analysis of urine by which the state of her health is determined is appointed, possible threats for an organism of mother and the child come to light. If desired future woman in labor can personally study results of the analysis, having studied the leaf received in laboratory.

Color and transparency

The first column in results of the analysis is color of urine. At the healthy person it has color from straw to orange. The last (sometimes it is also noted as "bright yellow") is considered norm for pregnant women as future mothers accept a large amount of vitamins. Not too bright color or even colourless urine can be caused by the use of small amount of liquid or its loss (in the period of toxicosis).

Unusual color of a pomocha most often indicates presence of any disease. Here carry the following shades:

  • strong tea – pathology of a gall bladder or a liver;
  • rose-red – infections of kidneys;
  • chartreuse – cholelithiasis or availability of pus in an urinary system;
  • dark-brown – hemolytic anemia;
  • dairy – cystitis, pyelonephritis and other infections of urinary tract.

After color the degree of transparency of liquid is specified. Urine of the healthy person has to be transparent. If it a little muddy, most likely, further in the analysis the existence of an epithelium and slime is noted. In certain cases the lack of transparency is not pathology at all. It can speak the fact that the sample was handed over in clinic not at once, and was stored some time after capture. Also muddy urine happens at those who use not enough water. Strongly expressed turbidity is caused by leukocytes, erythrocytes and bacteria.

Specific weight and acidity

Specific weight (relative density) of urine is caused by amount of the chemicals dissolved in urine emitted by an organism and coming to it together with food and liquids. At the healthy person such rate is about 1035 g/l. If the value of density is exceeded, possibly, there is dehydration, toxicosis, diabetes or glomerulonefrit. Decrease in specific weight can cause plentiful drink or diseases of kidneys.

The acidity of urine (reaction to pH) at the pregnant woman gives value from 5 to 8 depending on food. Increase in acidity is promoted by proteinaceous products and fats, and to decrease - vegetable products and milk food. If the value is exceeded probably there are such problems as bacterial infections or a renal failure. At its decrease can be available:

  • diabetes;
  • diarrhea;
  • fever

Protein and sugar

Norm the lack of protein in urine is considered, but at pregnant women the value of 0.033 g/l is allowed that can be caused by the use of a large number of protein food, emotional experiences and strong load of kidneys. Protein is formed because kidneys are gradually more and stronger squeezed by the growing uterus and also gets to urine with vaginal allocations. The excessive amount of protein usually indicates presence of diseases of kidneys or infections of urinary tract.

Sugar in urine of the healthy person has to be absent. It quite often is detected in pregnant women in quantity up to 0.083 mmol/l. Such phenomenon is caused by emotional stresses, obesity, consumption of carbohydrate food. Higher value can be caused sugar, kidney and other types of diabetes.

Presence of pathological substances

It is necessary to prick up the ears if in urine such components as were found:

  • bilirubin;
  • ketone bodies;
  • nitrites;

Bilirubin can be present at urine at viral hepatitis, mechanical jaundice and other diseases which complicate bile outflow. At the same time liquid is painted in dark color. If ketone bodies probably are found the organism is dehydrated or endures toxicosis. Also there is a risk of development of diabetes. Availability of nitrites indicates infections of urinary tract, and hemoglobin – on hemolytic anemia.

Microscopic research of urine

At a microscopic research of urine which results are placed at the end of a reporting leaf of the analysis, the quantity of protective cages and also presence of pathological microorganisms and various impurity is defined. For example, erythrocytes in urine of the healthy person have to be absent or it is found in number of 1-2 cages. Increase in this indicator speaks about presence of renal diseases and diseases of an urinogenital system. Ideally in urine also there have to be no leukocytes (norm existence up to 5 cages is considered). Their increased contents indicates inflammatory processes in kidneys and presence of the expressed infection in an organism.

Existence of several epithelial cells which get to urine through various departments of urinary tract, including an urethra, a lokhanka and a mochetochnik is allowed. The renal epithelium normal has to be absent. Increase in the corresponding type of cages speaks about existence of pathological process in an organism. Besides, the microscopic research reveals quantity of cylinders - molds of renal tubules of proteinaceous or cellular structure. The hyaline cylinders consisting of protein can be present at small amounts that is considered norm at active lifestyle. If at urine there are cellular cylinders, it is always indicated any pathology.

It is necessary to prick up the ears at detection in slime urine. Its existence speaks about possible presence of inflammatory diseases in an organism or insufficient hygiene of genitals. If in the analysis bacteria and mushrooms were found, it is an obvious signal that there are infections of bodies of an urinogenital system (cystitis, an ureteritis, kandidamikoz and others). In this case the additional analysis of urine on bakposev which allows to define a look and quantity of bacteria is required. In certain cases a small amount of slime can get to urine with allocations from a vagina.

Availability of salts in urine becomes an adverse factor. Usually they meet in liquid the abnormal acid environment and can be harbingers of formation of stones in kidneys. Besides, they quite often come to light at violation of food and during toxicosis. Their increase is caused by seafood, fat grades of meat, spice, excessively salty products. To women at whose urine there is an excess amount of salts additional ultrasonography of bodies of an urinogenital system is appointed and also the special diet normalizing work of an organism registers.

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