And you know what animated films your children like to watch?

And you know what animated films your children like to watch?

Often parents ask quite reasonable question: what animated films can children watch? Modern animated films sometimes very strongly frighten both children, and adults. Plots of some are based on cruel fights and bloody massacres, plots of others are difficult and unclear for kids. How to make a right choice and to show to the child only useful animated films?

For a start answer yourself a question whether you what animated films your children especially like to watch know? The small are very much often attracted by plots of famous "Smeshariki", "Fixicles", "The Barboskins". A special favourite at children and adults is the modern interpretation of the famous fairy tale "Masha and Bear". Children are more senior pay attention to animated films where there are such heroes as the Superman, Batman, fairies of Winx.

All these animated films are chosen by your kids not casually. Psychologists claim that the child subconsciously identifies himself with the main characters. If your daughter became interested in naughty and inquisitive Masha from the modern animated film, then it is probable at the nature of your fumes and the favourite heroine there is something the general.

Treat it calmly and with understanding. The most important condition which needs to be observed when choosing the animated film is age of the child. You do not hurry to acquaint it with the famous heroes if the plot is complicated for perception. Give preference to cartoons where the main semantic loading is born by pictures, but not words.

You are not angry if your kid asks you to include the same animated film repeatedly. Remember yourself, you like some movie too, and you are ready to watch it again and again. Unostentatiously try to offer the kid a picture of similar subject. Perhaps, you will manage to switch its attention.

It is possible to forbid viewing "undesirable" animated films only until the child himself is not able to turn on the channel necessary to it. Of course, you can establish the "parental control" function on the TV, and the kid will not get access to desirable TV channel. However it is the best of all to watch the animated film which you consider dangerous or useless for the child, together with it.

Have a talk with the kid about what is represented in this picture. Explain simply and well, what will be better, if you postpone acquaintance to this cartoon for later period. The child has to understand that he will lock - it is not just your whim, and real need. Remember that even such minutes your child has to feel your care, protection and love.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team