Anger and rage in behavior of children

Anger and rage in behavior of children

Anger – a thing all familiar and usual. It is unlikely it is possible to find somewhere the kid who never showed the anger or irritation. The anger with maintenance of aggressive behavior is shown very much early, in two-three years the child can bite, be pushed, try to kick, break others toys, to humiliate other children, to tease them and to scoff. Children show anger in reaction to the conflict, deprivation something, on attempt of invasion into its world and an order, on high, from their point of view, the requirement. Quite often the anger accompanies jealousy, offenses and envy, experiences concerning impossibility of fulfillment of desires here and now. The children's anger appears instantly, has rapid course and difficult control that quite often brings parents and children out of the correct track.

Actions of parents

After flashes of rage children need the help, for full finding of self-checking.

If already the kid had a fit of anger, then parents should keep calm. Even after the most furious flashes of rage children are quickly discharged and forget about rage.

After the happened situation even with small children it is possible to talk about what occurred as well as why. It is possible to tell that all can be angry, notes that method which was used by it, cannot be acceptable, for example ""Your brother took your cubes, and you because of rage broke his design. It something helped you?""

The child has to know how his parents experience anger

Even the most reasonable people can lose self-control. If it happened there that one of parents in rage, then to him will better retire and to give itself a little time for calm. Having returned to the kid, it is necessary to try to explain him everything that occurred. And the most important to recognize that this way of expression of feelings very bad and will apologize to all, thereby setting an example on itself.

Why there are rage attacks?

The phenomenon of rigidity of children meets quite often. Aggressions it is shown most often in children's relationship. Almost each kid meets different forms of rigidity in a garden, school or the yard. Ask why these small angelic creations can be so cruel?

Actually at rigidity there are a lot of roots. From genetic, social and economic and to physiological. Among the reasons there can be also a television, the relations between parents, but never the cause can be that that one.

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