As all to get on well at the decree

As all to get on well at the decree

Many young mothers worry that after the child's birth they will lack for anything time. Unfortunately, such situations are frequent: the kid introduces total amendments in a habitual way of life. However everything what is wanted if it is correct to organize the time is quite possible to get on well at the decree and to truly place priorities.

The mode - guarantee of discipline

The rigid mode of a dream and feeding promoted in the Soviet pediatrics is exposed to severe criticism in recent years. Mothers feed kids exclusively on demand, and put bed when it is necessary. Certainly, you should not go into extremes: both options of the organization of time of the child have many minuses. Try to find nevertheless golden mean and to introduce a certain regime.

Begin with an evening dream. Stack the baby at the same time, creating for this purpose a favorable situation (the memorable bathing ritual, silence and the muffled light in the room). Gradually the kid will want to sleep at this particular time and if deviates from him, then it is insignificant. Withdrawal for sleeping on the mode will adjust also awakening at the same time, and then and feedings within a day. If at you everything turns out, you are surprised how a lot of time at you will be released for personal records. Moreover, you will be able to make appointment or to leave on any affairs when the kid sleeps, and with him there is someone from relatives, you will precisely know that the baby will not want to eat unexpectedly or will long not be capricious.

Concentration and organization

A lot of time at young mom is wasted because of the bad organization. If earlier you could plan affairs and allocate a lot of time for rest and entertainments, or just to dare to be too lazy, then all now differently. Surely write down everything that needs to be made or bought. Make the menu for a week and buy the corresponding quantity of products not to run in shop every day.

Concentrate on the main objectives and give them any free minute. The child was engaged in a toy for 3-4 minutes? You do not do nothing nearby, check e-mail, put a mask on a face, dust or make necessary payments online - bank.

If at the good organization you have just free time, you with pleasure will spend it for reading, viewing the movie or a visit of cafe with friends.

Useful assistants

If till the child's birth you easily managed a minimum of household appliances and gadgets, then now it is a high time to get the necessary assistants in economy. The dishwasher, the washing machine with drying function - these basic devices save a lot of time to thousands of housewives for a long time. The multicooker and an electrogrill will help you to cook dozens of tasty and useful dishes, and at the same time you will spend no more than 15 minutes for preliminary processing of products. Look narrowly also at not the most widespread, but very useful gadgets. Among them there is, for example, a steam cleaner which many times facilitates damp cleaning, or the robot vacuum cleaner which will support purity of a floor without your participation.

Do not forget also about the special devices for the child significantly facilitating life. Baby slings and kangaroos will allow you to carry out a large amount of cases together with the kid and it is easy to move on the Kacheli-baunsery and the developing rugs can distract for a long time absolutely small child, and at this time you can be nearby, but at the same time work at the computer or to do fitness. If the kid already rather big, we can leave him in other room, having included the video nurse and to go about the own business. It is fine if you have assistants acting through the nurse or grandmothers, however all it is possible to get on well at the decree and alone.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team