As an intertrigo at the newborn looks

As an intertrigo at the newborn looks

In care for the newborn child the most important – attentive survey of his body to several times a day, fast elimination by medicamentous means and sanitary products of initial stages of skin problems. In order that the nobility how to fight against an intertrigo at the child, it is necessary to have an idea of how they look and that provokes their emergence.


1. If they are, you will notice an intertrigo at once as soon as take off a diaper from the child to change it for fresh. At first on skin of the kid the red spot appears. It can be various sizes and take small or big parts of the body of the newborn. Then, if behind redness not to look after and not to remove the first symptoms of this disease of skin of means, the problem can be aggravated.

2. On skin together with reddening visible white and red heat-spots can develop. Most often an intertrigo appears around hips of the kid, on his buttocks. More rare around armpits, pleated necks. At the same time skin can be both excessively damp, and dry on the place of inflammation.

3. An intertrigo differently can be shown. At first there are their harbingers – small reddish specks to which very few people pay attention. Then they merge in a uniform bright red spot which disturbs the child, forces it to cry, does not allow to sleep peacefully. If the bacterial infection is added to a problem, then such intertrigo can be followed by appearance of abscesses, purulent yellow spots against the background of the redness increased by temperature.

4. The redness and an intertrigo are caused by various reasons. This introduction to food of the child of new products, mixes, also frequent chair, hit on skin of the kid of urine, friction of clothes seams about it or diapers. But the moisture surplus on skin, especially, if to the child pampers or reusable diapers long do not change remains the main reason of an intertrigo.

5. Show to the pediatrician or the children's dermatologist of the child with an intertrigo on skin in case independently you cannot cope with them, and problem sites turn into purulent sores. The doctor in that case will write out for quieting and treatment of skin of ointment or gels with the maintenance of antibiotics.

6. As soon as you notice small reddish heat-spots or redness pleated of the child's skin from the inside of hips, on a bottom, a neck, cheeks - create optimal conditions for skin healing. As often as possible change pampers of the kid. Do not leave him in one diaper on all night long.

7. In the afternoon between changes of the next diaper you hold the child within several minutes naked on a clean dry diaper that skin "breathed". Wash away the child and blot folds on his skin with pure soft fabric. Do not rub the child's skin during the hygienic procedure.

8. You apply the special creams under a diaper containing anti-inflammatory oils, extracts of plants, zinc oxide. When you put on once again fresh pampers, not too densely clasp it on the child's body that air between pampers and skin circulated.

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