As carry slingobusa

As carry slingobusa

Slingobusa – the ornament created especially for young mothers and their kids. Besides decorative function, it solves a set of other various problems connected with development of the child.

Slingobusa: features of this ornament

Jewelry which carries women in the African tribes became primogenitors modern slingobus. Now slingobusa, they are "mamabusa" and "a kormitelny beads", won popularity across the whole Europe and in the countries of USA.

Slingobusa are made of eco-friendly natural materials: tree, cotton yarn, etc. As a rule, the waxed cord weaved manually forms a basis for them.

Kormitelny beads performs a number of useful functions: first, they are entertainment for the kid who is on hands at mom or in a baby sling develop his fine motor skills. Secondly, such beads occupies the child's hands during breastfeeding process, protecting mom from pinches, hvataniye for hair, etc. Thirdly, slingobusa act as the effective and safe massager for children's gums. Fourthly, for the grown-up kid they are a useful and interesting element of didactic games. At last, qualitative slingobusa are stylish and effective ornament. One more useful property slingobus – their calming impact on the child. Constantly being associated with mom, this subject becomes so native for the kid that the child at once calms down, having seen it, having picked up familiar beads. Of course, this effect can differ on extent of influence, but many kids very quietly transfer short-term separation from mom if with them there are their favourite slingobusa.

How to carry slingobusa

Slingobusa carry as well as usual similar jewelry. They can be used as an independent decorative element even then when your child grows up. It is optional to wear the Kormitelny beads together with a baby sling. If at you is a little slingobus, excellent from each other on style of execution, you will be able to create fashionable harmonious images. As a rule, beads in such jewelry do multi-colored, excellent from each other in a form and the size. Various figures – characters of the famous fairy tales and animated films often act as the central element in such jewelry. There are also more strict models slingobus which can be put on for visit of official institutions. Slingobusa it is recommended to wash periodically in warm water with children's laundry detergent or soap, so you protect your kid from bacteria and will return original state to your ornament. Approximately since one and a half years with the child it is possible to organize the developing games with use slingobus. Your questions to the kid can be such plan: "Show a red bead. And where blue? What of beads smallest? And the biggest? How many here is yellow beads?", etc. Choosing slingobusa or having decided to make them independently, you watch that all their components were made of hypoallergenic materials, had no sharp sides and were reliably fixed.

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