As children learn language

As children learn language

Mastering the speech at small children happens approximately since one year, but children learn language not as adults learn foreign languages. They do not learn a word and the rule, and imitate other people, intuitively take regularities of language from the speech and books, that is study unconsciously.


1. Language is first of all not a set of the certain symbols which are logging in and used by rules, but the cultural phenomenon intended to help people to communicate among themselves. In this sense children begin to learn language since the birth – from the first shout which represents the signal sent on communication with surrounding people. The child understands that shout or crying, and later other sounds draw attention of parents, and thus begins to communicate with them.

2. Later baby talk develops – in the first several months of life of the kid it is indistinguishable from babble of children of any other nationality, but gradually in a senseless set of sounds there are syllables and intonations peculiar to a certain language as the child tries to imitate the speech which hears. Since four months the baby knows when nearby speak the native language and when on foreign.

3. Up to nine months children try to utter separate sounds, trying various options of the movement of lips and language, soon learn to double syllables. After the ninth month the mastering separate words begins, and the first word serves as a peculiar barrier, a transitional stage in the course of learning the native language – since then the speech development goes quicker, the child begins "to collect" words. It is necessary to understand that the first words are not words in sense habitual to us, these are so-called holofraza which comprise the meaning of the whole offer.

4. At first the child seizes those words which he can influence other people, and learns to express the thoughts later. Rates of studying the speech at all children are various: someone up to two years knows only three words, someone in a year begins to use a new word every week. Sometimes the lexicon is slowly saved in the child's head, and the kid who was suddenly silent before begins to speak quickly and many.

5. Since two years the studying "the cable speech" begins, that is the child begins to make offers of verbs and nouns. The main stage of learning the native language comes to an end by six-seven years: by this time children can competently make offers and have a rich lexicon which in the next years is replenished much more slowly.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team