As children need to brush teeth

As children need to brush teeth

Toothbrushing – habitual action for millions of people on all globe. It is made mechanically, the washing person does not even think of it. And all thanks to merits of parents who accustomed to brush the kids teeth.

It is required to you

  • - gauze;
  • - brush fingerstall;
  • - children's toothbrush;
  • - children's toothpaste.


1. To begin to brush teeth follows still when they did not even grow. At this time the toothbrush will be successfully replaced by the mother's finger wound by a gauze. Before the procedure the gauze should be rinsed with boiled water. Accurate movements walk on the child's gums. Toothpaste does not need to be used at this time, the kid just has to get used to feelings.

2. In six-ten months when at the child teeth begin to be cut through, the gauze can be replaced with a special brush fingerstall. It is made of hypoallergenic rubber, has soft silicone bristles. Conveniently this brush not only to remove a raid from teeth, but also to mass gums. Clean foreteeth of the child with vertical movements. Side teeth should be brushed with circular motions. Before beginning cleaning, the brush should be rinsed with boiled water.

3. Since a year of the child it is possible to accustom to brush teeth the real toothbrush. At this age children very much like to imitate adults. On the example show, to properly hold a brush how to brush teeth how to rinse a mouth water.

4. Choose to the child a brush and toothpaste. The children's brush has to have soft synthetic fibers of different length. Thus you will be able to remove the leftovers which got stuck between teeth. Choosing paste, pay attention to fluoride content. For small children it should not exceed 25%. Not to frighten off the child from the procedure, choose berry or fruit paste.

5. Put the child on knees, having developed facing themselves. In this situation it will be most convenient to you to be active at it in a mouth. Begin cleaning with foreteeth. At small children the emetic reflex is strong therefore the kid likes not be pleasant when you approach side teeth. It is necessary to work accurately. Let's participate in process and to the child. Let it will take a brush in a hand, and you will direct its movements.

6. Until the child did not learn to spit out paste and to rinse a mouth, can repeatedly walk on teeth the brush moistened in water to remove surplus of paste. Do not worry if the child swallows a part. Modern children's means for toothbrushing are hypoallergenic and safe.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team