As do epiduralny anesthesia

As do epiduralny anesthesia

Epiduralny anesthesia at childbirth became the most widespread method of anesthesia in recent years. Thanks to it decrease or completely pain is eliminated during the fights that does childbirth more comfortable and safe for mother and the child.

Spinal anesthesia at childbirth

For carrying out spinal anesthesia the thin catheter is inserted into the lower departments of a backbone. On it the medicine for labor pain relief blocking transfer of pain on the nervous terminations passing through epiduralny space moves. For spinal anesthesia narcotic analgetics and local anesthetics are used. The injected drugs do not influence the general condition of an organism of the woman in labor. Depending on a dose the anesthesia can be full or partial. Installation of a catheter for spinal anesthesia lasts about 10 minutes, and weakening of pain occurs in 15-20 minutes after introduction of medicines. After the delivery the catheter is taken.

Spinal anesthesia: indications to application

In various delivery rooms there are rules of prescribing of epiduralny anesthesia. Somewhere receiving this service requires only desire of the patient, in other medical institutions the indication is the pain which is only strongly disturbing the woman in labor. Also time of the beginning of anesthesia differs. Epiduralny anesthesia can be appointed both at the very beginning of sokratitelny activity of a uterus, and at the sufficient level of disclosure of her neck (3-5 centimeters).

Epiduralny anesthesia and its contraindications

To carrying out spinal anesthesia distinguish violations of blood clotting, an infection in the field of statement of a catheter from contraindications, weakness of patrimonial activity, a large fruit, a narrow basin, low level of platelets and others. The matter should be discussed with the attending physician and the anesthesiologist in advance.

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