As do pampers

As do pampers

Within forty years of active operation of disposable diapers the modern pampers and their design changed very significantly. If the first pampers were the paper laying with buttons inserted into plastic pants, then today the production technology of pampers assumes completely different layers of products. By what image do do modern pampers?


1. The modern pampers consist of three important layers. And each of them performs the individual function. The first layer – internal, delaying moisture. It is the elastic, ecological pure material hypoallergenic in relation to children's gentle skin, it is processed by the special structures interfering development of inflammations, deodorizing. This layer we penetrate only on the one hand, with another it does not allow liquid infiltration.

2. The following layer behind internal – absorbing. Has the absorbing ability, turns liquid into gel, evenly distributes it on a surface. At an accidental rupture of pampers, the got liquid in it, thanks to this layer, will not flow out as it will turn into solid gel substance. This absorbent has to be on technology completely safe for the child even if he accidentally will swallow it on unforeseen circumstances.

3. And the last third layer of pampers – external. Represents the strong polymeric material impenetrable for liquid. Has usually two-component structure consisting of nonwoven cotton fabric and microporous polymer. This layer in pampers on modern technology has to pass vapors and air, but not liquid. Therefore diapers with such layer are also called "breathing".

4. Different types of pampers have additional elements, such as elastic bands which are elastic, soft, can reliably fix a diaper, doing not pass at the same time liquid and without squeezing skin.

5. Other types of pampers are equipped with fasteners velcros and the top corbel on which the fastener successfully fastens in any place, reliably fixing pampers on the child.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team