As eyebrows after permanent make-up look

As eyebrows after permanent make-up look

permanent make-up is very popular with the women wishing to correct shortcomings of features and not to spend funds for cosmetics. But many are stopped that they do not know how their eyebrows after permanent make-up will look. Only observation of already taken place clients of beauty shops will help to dispel doubts.


  1. Ideally eyebrows after permanent make-up have to be symmetric. The work displaying the expected shade of eyebrows is considered also reference. But in practice it is not always possible to achieve desirable result after the first session.
  2. It is necessary to understand at once that permanent make-up of eyebrows – the procedure expensive. Desire to save as a result pours out in even big expenses. Only the qualified master owning expensive equipment and using quality dyes can execute permanent wave ideally.
  3. Right after the procedure it is not recommended to look in mirror – the type of the reddened and swelled up a little eyebrows can strike impressionable persons. It is absolutely normal, permanent make-up – the procedure, traumatic for skin. It is bad when hypostases and redness do not pass in 5-7 days.
  4. Eyebrows after permanent make-up look not really attractively next day, but is not more frightening. So it is better to postpone important business meetings and appointments for week after all. Gradually reddening and turgidity descends, and films come to their place.
  5. Can be transformed by Plenochki to crusts. It is usual process of healing of the scratched integument. Besides, during this period of eyebrow begin to scratch unmercifully. Try to avoid pochesyvaniye at any cost not to spoil permanent make-up of eyebrows and not to injure epidermis.
  6. Approximately in week of wound will heal, and you will see adequate result of permanent make-up. Not always the effect meets expectations. For example, eyebrows can be a little asymmetric. If errors are noncritical, it is worth registering in correction besides to the master. It is easier to correct the work. At appreciable gross blunders, it is necessary to replace the expert and to think of removal of permanent make-up. The permanent wave anew is simpler to remove and make unsuccessful work, than to finish drawing and do new misses.
  7. Eyebrows after permanent make-up within month look too brightly. Then the pigment is washed away and fades a little. Residue of dye takes root in skin and looks as natural make-up. At this moment it becomes visible where it is necessary to correct permanent make-up.
  8. After the first correction the permanent wave can be carried of half a year up to two years, without addressing the master. It is considered ideally performed work. But can occur so that during this time in organism there will be hormonal changes, the pigment will begin to be washed away in parts. Then correction is carried out as required.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team