As get to talking the silent child

As get to talking the silent child

Generally children - taciturn persons have very strong character with iron will and obstinacy, but not weak as can seem. Only think what serious endurance and character should be had not to open companies in public. At all this taciturn persons are very attentive and understand much more other children.

Cases when silence in an emphasis in public happens because of the wounded pride meet. For example, the child does not utter some letters or stammers. If he at the same time has high intelligence, then it appears very injuring circumstance and the kid prefers to be silent, than wrong to speak or not as all children.

But most often the child just has no objective reasons for a mutizm (the unwillingness to speak quite so is called). The kid can talk normally, adequately perceive the world. Then it is already not about an atuzma (a disease of full immersion in itself), neither about intellectual backwardness, nor about a psychological trauma. This, most likely, pathological aspiration to leadership. The kid wants to reign and order, but estimating the forces, he understands that he owns only the family. Though it is frequent and other adults I show special attention: someone tries get to talking, someone it is simple to regret.

If the child constantly is silent, then it is also necessary to pay attention to its relations with mother as she has to be constantly with the kid, otherwise the child loses direct link with the world. On the one hand, it also complicates mother's life, saves it from personal space, from other party - mom accepts feeling of need and indispensability. For this reason mother should deal with bilateral dependence, without it will cope with a mutizm of children practically there are no chances.

After that it is necessary to make one more effort - to reconstruct the relations with the child. Not only words, but also business present it independence. For this purpose it is possible to put thinly the kid in hopeless position when he striving for the goals it will be simply forced to tell strangers a couple of words. For example, buy nothing, give money better and send to a stall behind candies or ice cream. Only it is not necessary to persuade! Does not want - will remain without sweets. Such situations need to be created every day.

By itself, it is difficult to meet somewhere adults with sensible mind who speak words. Over time such mutizm passes, but by the time of ripening of the mutist before communication with people the mentality of the person is irreparably deformed.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team