As has examination of babies at the oculist

As has examination of babies at the oculist

Usually all medical institutions frighten parents of kids. They are concerned how the baby will react to survey that will be done with the child by the doctor. How does have examination of the oculist?

About need of early visit of the oculist

This expert should pay the first visit at once as soon as the baby is 1 month old.

The very first survey of the baby by the oculist happens in maternity hospital.

The fact is that all kids are born with far-sightedness. Over time the sight returns to normal, however this process demands control from the doctor not to lose sight of any serious violations.

Many defects found at the baby on the first survey, such as the raised dacryagogue, it is very easy to cure as soon as possible. And some serious diseases, for example, a cataract or squint, it is also possible to cure in the surgical way in the first months of life of the kid.

As has examination of the oculist

Within the first year of life of the baby it is necessary to visit the oculist three times: in 1 month, in half a year and in a year. On reception the doctor by means of special devices will examine an eye bottom of the baby to exclude the elevated pressure or inflammation of back department of a vascular path. Will visually estimate a condition of plaintive channels of the child. Often babies have an increased lachrymation. It is easy to cope with this problem. The oculist will teach mom to carry out special acupressure of plaintive sacks, and soon after an initiation of treatment improvements will become noticeable. Very many kids aged up to 3 months have functional squint. At the same time one or both eyes look in different directions. However by 3 months everything has to return to normal. If it does not occur, conservative treatment is necessary at first, and by its results also surgery can be required. But to define where norm and where pathology, can only the oculist. At the same time it is enough to it to look at the child and to communicate to his parents. Survey of the oculist — the procedure, painless for the kid, which takes a little time. But it is extremely important in due time to diagnose problems with sight.

Often sight pathologies at the kid are connected with pathologies of the central nervous system. Therefore consultations of the oculist and the neuropathologist are necessary for their elimination.

Reasons for unplanned visit of the oculist

In case of reddening the century, the raised dacryagogue or emergence of barley is necessary survey of the child by the oculist. Bring the kid to the doctor if he cannot open eyes. The fact that the baby at the age of 2 months does not watch moving objects has to be the cause for concern, or watches by means of turn of the head, but not the movements of eyes. Urgently go to hospital if to the baby the foreign subject got into an eye.

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