As it is better to disaccustom the child to a breast

As it is better to disaccustom the child to a breast

Excommunication from a breast – an important and inevitable stage in life of mom and child. Before this difficult procedure the woman has to answer accurately a question for what breastfeeding stops, to make the action plan and also to agree with people who will help it (for example, dad or the grandmother).


1. To understand when to begin excommunication process, estimate, first of all, readiness of the child. If the kid manages to be distracted when he asks a breast, to feed with food when there is no mom nearby and to put to bed without breast at least once, it is possible to begin excommunication. Besides, it is necessary to estimate also readiness of mom for the forthcoming procedure. Here inflows of milk have paramount value. If the breast soft is also filled not strongly, perhaps, suitable time already came.

2. Now it is necessary to set several objects for himself, on achievement of each of which about 2-3 weeks will leave. Purpose first is increase in an interval between day feedings. Try to replace or remove applying to a breast in the afternoon. Suggest the kid to drink, try to find drink which will replace to it night applyings to a breast over time. For children is younger than one and a half years such drink the corresponding dairy mix is, and for children is more senior – unsweetened compote, fruit drink or plain water.

3. Purpose second is a separate dream. If the baby sleeps in the night from you and has an opportunity to freely suck a breast, it is a high time "to move" it in a separate bed. Gradually increase a distance between mom and the kid, perhaps, it is necessary to resort to the help of dad who the child can rock to sleep and bring to him to drink at night.

4. Purpose third is the organization of day so that the kid forgot about a breast. Think out the various distracting maneuvers that the child was busy with affairs, but not thoughts of mom and her milk. Think over options of support of the crying kid who got used to calm down by means of sucking.

5. Purpose fourth is psychological training of the child. Surely talk to the baby about the future changes, give the corresponding examples from life, think up available stories and fairy tales. Beat a situation with favourite toys of the baby: the hare went to sleep, at night he does not wake up, and drinks water or compote in the morning.

6. You remember, all your actions have to be penetrated by a positive spirit, but not feeling of deep fatigue from feeding. The child has to understand that excommunication from a breast does not deprive of him mom, and helps to become adult and independent.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team