As it is correct to awake the child in the mornings

As it is correct to awake the child in the mornings

A third of the life of people carries out in a dream. The dream helps to get rid of fatigue and gives us necessary strength for the whole day. Sometimes it is rather difficult to lift the child from a bed in the morning. At such moments the kids can cry, and parents to be irritated. At the same time both those, and others feel discomfort and nervous tension. It is very important to learn to awake the child correctly.

Awakening of the kid has to be quiet, slow. For this purpose parents have to be tender and soft. Quiet pleasant music, warm soft light will help to create a positive situation. The child can be stroked gently and to call quietly by name.

Small children very much love various rituals. For example, process of awakening can be begun with a kiss. When the kid opens eyes, it will be possible to embrace and learn how he slept at night that dreamed it. It is necessary to repeat it daily. By means of such ritual at the child the reflex of pleasant awakening will be developed.

That the woken-up kid cheered up, offer him directly in a bed to do small charging. Deep breaths with a mumpish stomach and slow exhalations well will be suitable for heart and breath - with involved. Will help to pull a backbone and joints an extension on one side – one hand is extended forward, and an opposite leg – back. With the small child it is better to do such exercises in playful way, representing any animals or objects. Perfectly massage of feet and lobes of an ear will be suitable for awakening. It is not recommended to jump out of bed at once. It is desirable to sit a little, and then to get down quietly from a bed. When the child finally wakes up, to him it is possible to suggest to go in the bathroom to wash and brush teeth. You should not abuse the kid for what without your hint he did not remember about morning hygiene. It is important to make the schedule of morning full. For this purpose it is necessary to awake the child beforehand, but not to delay rise that he has longer a sleep. If the kid after awakening gather slowly and quietly, there will be much more advantage. You should not ignore features of biological rhythms of different people depending on which children can be divided into larks, owls and pigeons. Especially difficult to adapt to early awakening to owls therefore slow rise from a bed for them – a guarantee of successful day.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team